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💧 From The Idea Pond 💧
Instead of trying to be happy all the time
Work on being human all the time

Drop the idea of perfection
Allow yourself to be overcome
by the beauty of human imperfection

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On the menu today...

Our latest blog post introduces you to the concepts of "Personality Prisons" and "Identity Lock-in" and provides ideas and tools to help you free yourself from protections that have turned into prisons.

Along those lines we also introduce our upcoming 8-week online course called "Empowering Yourself & Others" in which we will be providing you with plenty of information and tools along with guided practice in live integration calls to help you discover the underlying patterns that produce suffering and apply the tools to heal at the level of the roots of your problems. We are offering a discount on course-registration for the next few days and we have limited spaces available for this course.

Below you will also find a recording of our last workshop on decision-making and consciousness development that brought out some very interesting experiences and insights for the participants. You can also go through the exercise yourself using the recording and connect with us if you wish to discuss your experience by replying to this email.

Empowering Yourself & Others Course Details

Dozens of people who have gone through this training have experienced profound transformations and some of them have shared their experiences which you will find on the course page. Here we share small snippets from Sophia and Ally:

"The course and Ti0 helped me see through the various traps I was caught up in since childhood and self-perpetuating even today! It’s incredible how quickly I’ve been able to change some deep rooted issues which kept me in a loop of endless suffering. A powerful experience for anyone who is ready, which I think is very important." ~ Ally

"Our path crossed at a time when I most needed it and I received support and tools to work through some serious sadness and a sense of loss that had me trapped for years… It was and still is a process, but I am in a much better place" ~ Sophia

More Experiences & Testimonials on the Course page
🪷 From Our Thought Garden 🪷
Every Curse is a Blessing in Disguise

Allow it to show you what you need to heal

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