The Experiential School of Consciousness

The Infinite Zero is an experiential school of Consciousness where we come together to learn through play and practice in our everyday lives. Our journey has lead to the development of dynamic and continually-evolving methods that blend together to facilitate the process of Consciousness Development. 
The Infinite Zero Experience is the endless journey of exploring and developing yourself, finding balance between the countless polarities in the eternal mystery called Reality. The Infinite Zero is a personalized experience curated by blending the methods below:

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Study of Self

A method designed to learn about the many selves within us, to explore the unconscious and the shadow, and to develop The Chief within. Study your Self with groups of people from over the world to get a deeper understanding of the different dimensions of your consciousness. This method is based on The Fourth Way of Consciousness.

Learn more about the Study of Self course.

Unschooling the Unconscious

One of the most powerful parts of our Consciousness is our Unconscious that has been programmed throughout our life with scripts given to us. Here we learn to discover and release those scripts to create more space for spontaneity and our own creativity. We also learn to harness the Unconscious as a powerful resource that can help us navigate our life.

The Yoga Beyond

A Yoga of Consciousness to find balance for everyday life. This is a Yoga to stretch your Consciousness — to help you find the balance between flexibility and strength not only in your body and mind, but in your Consciousness. Going beyond pop-yoga of postures & meditation, beyond every limit and belief conceived by the mind — a yoga to connect with deeper levels of Self & Reality.

Consciousness Nomadism

Also called Comadism, this is an experiential philosophy that adapts to reality as we evolve. Rather than belonging to a particular belief system, we are free to explore all and take what we like to create a fluid life experience. Instead of fixed principles and rigid morals based in past ideology, we apply the best strategy to deal with the present moment.

This philosophy comes from a collective called The Faceless Beings. We teach people to go beyond the superficial appearances so we can connect with and accept our Self and others beyond the constructs of culture and normality.

Focus & Approach



Our school is open to respectful beings from all backgrounds and belief or non-belief systems, who have an intention to explore and develop their Consciousness. Our school has neither any doctrine nor any fixed system or core philosophy.

Our methods are based in experiential philosophy which is knowledge gained from experience. We use this knowledge by dynamically choosing whatever is best suited for each situation. This gives us the flexibility to navigate the ever-changing mystery of life without attachment to rigid ideals that may not be suitable in many circumstances.

very important note regarding participation at our school is to set the proper expectations. These experiences and “destinations in consciousness” might sound intriguing and fascinating to some people. It is essential to highlight that it requires time, effort, and persistent dedication to train yourself to reach these states. 

My own journey began in 2014, and it was only after four years that I started seeing persistent results. That said, you will certainly have wonderful experiences or glimpses along the way. The key is not to get frustrated when you lose that state or regress into old patterns. 

You must remember that bringing this state and level of experience to your everyday life is a challenge that requires effort. While this may not sound appealing — discovering and maintaining your power requires you to go beyond the comfortable notion of quick and easy magic pills — the eventual result of this effort is more than satisfying. 

Here are a few more things to keep in mind:

You should consider an experience at this school if you want to:

  • Explore the Unknown
  • Transition from fear-based motivations to authentic passions and intentions
  • Discover and transform unproductive and incongruous patterns in life
  • Have a deeper and richer life experience within the Earth realm
  • Understand and explore Multidimensional consciousness

OR, you are thoroughly bored of life and what the world has to offer, and you are interested in experiencing something different…

You should NOT consider an experience at this school if:

  • You do not wish to know something beyond your present beliefs or wish to stay attached to your current beliefs
  • You want proof without putting the effort to witness it
  • You have an existing physical or mental health condition that may pose a danger to either yourself or other participants — this is also very important. We are open-minded and accept that each person has unique challenges, at the same time, the work we do in this school is incompatible for certain people that might have an adverse reaction that causes further damage. For this reason, we ask that you are transparent and honest in your interactions with the facilitators.
  • You are using substances or medications that produce a dependency or addiction. Our goal is to break the addiction to suffering, but substance addictions and medications generally perpetuate suffering which is contradictory to our goal. So we may reject participants if they are unwilling to change their relationship to certain substances and patterns of behavior.
  • These experiences are challenging and will bring out parts of the shadow self. If the participant is not in a stable condition to deal with the content of their unconscious, they may have an adverse reaction that causes further damage to themselves and other participants. If you have any doubts, please contact us and discuss your situation with the facilitator with complete transparency and honesty.