My name is Ti0 and I call myself a Consciousness Development Facilitator. I am the creator and director of The Infinite Zero Experience. I invite you to learn more about me below. I also invite you to connect directly at the bottom of the page.


I am an experiential student and teacher. I have been working with sacred plants and consciousness technology since 2014 and I have dedicated myself to explore, research, and teach about the mysteries of consciousness.

I have extensive & in-depth (breadth & depth) training and experience in Applied Psychology, Shamanism, Ayahuasca, and the Fourth Way of Consciousness. My teaching focuses on applying the knowledge in everyday situations over theoretical and idealistic pursuits that keep us superficially entertained. Through application we can create and have a fulfilling life experience.

I enjoy personally connecting with each person that I am working with and developing a customized approach to fit the unique needs, personality, and essence of each individual.


I was born and raised in Bombay, India, and given the name and personality of Rohan. In this personality I resisted and battled with the dogmatic conditioning that religious institutions and spiritual cultures attempt to enforce. This was an unconscious rebellion to the controlling nature of these systems. My primary tools at the time were denial and skepticism, and a complete lack of interest in learning anything related to self, consciousness, spirituality, or psychology. I was never interested in therapeutic practices because I never considered myself to have issues. I was blissfully ignorant.

This was my attitude when I stumbled across an ayahuasca retreat in 2014. This materialized as I became part of a plan to visit Brazil for the soccer world cup, even though I had no interest in playing or watching any kind of sports at the time. My lack of interest in sports motivated me to look for activities that may interest me. At the time I was actively enjoying drugs and numbing substances. I remembered a mention of “the most powerful psychedelic in the world: ayahuasca”, and then was determined to get high on this most potent “substance”. Clearly I had no idea what it had in store for me.

Disregarding the spiritual aspects that were associated with this experience, my intention was to get high. But the universe/ayahuasca had different plans for me. The experience blasted open the doors of my consciousness and took me on a journey that changed not just my life, it changed me entirely. I am still very skeptical and disbelieving of spiritual practices and religious institutions. What I got introduced to was direct experience. And this became the basis of my work which I teach today. I facilitate direct experiences that remove the need to believe in dogma and practice rituals.

You can learn more about my transition from Rohan to Ti0 in this post and the podcast episode Becoming Ti0.


As mentioned above, I became highly skeptical of anything related to religion, spirituality, and self-help while being raised in India. After having a direct mystical experience that required no belief or ritual, I realized my resistance was towards the theoretical preaching and righteous morality that is the signature of spiritual and religious systems. This style of talk and knowledge was never appealing to me, even at an early age.

I was fortunate to come across a teacher that had developed an experiential approach to the development of consciousness. I instantly realized that I had found something of truly immeasurable value and knew that I wanted to learn more and develop myself, without any clue of where this path would take me — certainly with no intention to become a teacher one day. My journey in Consciousness naturally evolved over time, taking me through the deepest layers of unconscious conditioning and beliefs, not just in myself, but also watching others.

My training exposed me to group work with thousands of individuals over the past 8 years, where I got to learn about patterns of behavior, group dynamics, and most importantly, seeing through the surface to uncover the roots of the manifested symptoms.

There are a few significant differences I found in my training as compared to what I have read and heard about from dozens of coaches, therapists, and healers:

  • Most trainings teach you a lot of tools, but teach you nearly nothing about applying those tools in depth. In my training I learned fewer tools relatively speaking, but the level to which I learned to apply them made them immensely powerful, and made redundant the need for a massive toolbelt. Travel light, go deeper.
  • Most teachers / therapists / coaches focus on treating symptoms. What they identify as the problem is only a symptom. And they may have effective strategies to deal with the symptoms, but this only resolves the symptom. Because the root cause is never identified and dealt with, the symptom can manifest again or appear as a different symptom.

    The most common and obvious examples of these are “anxiety management”, “anger management”, and depression. Anxiety, anger, depression — these are symptoms. Finding strategies to “manage” them is not going to heal them.

    You just find a way to control or bandage the symptom. In my training I learned how to identify the root wounds and heal at that level. It is incredible the number of symptoms that are misdiagnosed as problems. Sleep issues, health issues, mental illness, emotional wounds — all these have deeper roots which mostly go untreated. I have written extensively on this topic in a blog post and spoken about it in a podcast episode.

Apart from this, I have also been learning and developing different techniques for Consciousness exploration and development. I have experimented with modern technology such as mind machines, light and sound devices, resonance inducers, bio-feedback devices, frequency tuning and modulation devices, which have helped me greatly and opened up possibilities that were previously inaccessible. I have developed my own methods which I now use for training others including Study of Self, Unschooling the Unconscious, Consciousness Nomadism, and The Yoga Beyond.


I identify as a multipod, one who explores and develops in many areas. My background includes software & technology, apprenticing as an ayahuasca retreat facilitator, expertise in facilitating ayahuasca ceremonies, psychology, philosophy, consciousness development, spiritual emergencies, mystical experiences, organizing and leading groups for consciousness development, developing & presenting original workshops, community management & development.

Before coming into this work and completely changing my life, I was working for one of the world’s leading tech firms, Amazon, where I had a role as a Software Developer & Information Security Consultant. I have extensive knowledge in this domain and have integrated this mindset into my present work of consciousness development. I also learned a lot working in a large organization which has helped me to understand the mindset of the corporate world.

I bring this totality of experience to my work as a teacher when working with people who wish to explore and develop their consciousness. My intention is to help people become self-full, which is a healthy balance between meeting our own needs and helping others. I choose to work with people who are dedicated to their development and intend to go beyond the surface to discover the fundamental nature of reality. People who want to be free of their limiting patterns and who are committed to make the effort to grow into inter-dependent individuals, meaning they can take care of themselves, as well as support and be supported when required.

Present Life

I have been living in the Atlantic Rainforest since 2015 at the Ayahuacsa retreat center where I trained and worked for 8 years. I now live here with my 3 dog-children who are amongst the dearest beings in my life, and focus on developing The Infinite Zero Experience.

In 2022 I became the proprietor of a 9-acre space in the Atlantic rainforest, a space which has been named “Sítio iO” — based on The Infinite Zero or T i O (sítio is a portuguese word for property). I am developing this space as part of The Infinite Zero Experience where I envision hosting in-person events and trainings when ready.

Along with facilitating the ayahuasca retreats, I also enjoy writing and publishing podcasts on The Infinite Zero Experience Publication, being in nature, eating, netflixing, exercising irregularly, and experiencing yogic states.

I invite you to send me a message introducing yourself and to ask questions or connect in anyway you like.