My name is
The Infinite Zero
You can call me Ti0

I am a Spiritual Master Trained in Psychotherapy, Coaching, Healing, & Leading Ayahuasca Retreats with 9+ years of experience

Over this past decade my teachings have evolved through my own experiences and journeys, now I work primarily in the realm of activating higher consciousness in people and offering Self & Spiritual Mastery training to live in these states and grow beyond.

I teach you to embody your Godself, your Infinite Self, your Radiant Self, to shape the world and reality at all levels.

My favorite lesson and teaching:
When it feels “too hard”, you are playing too small
When it feels “impossible”, you are playing just right

This page gives you insight on my journey and background, I invite you to explore my blog and podcast, and connect with me directly by participating in the various experiences I offer and messaging me directly. Here are all the links.


My work with Superconsciousness started in early 2022. Prior to that I had done extensive and in-depth training in applied psychotherapy, energy healing, and sacred plants.

An integral part of my training for 9 years was the plant teacher known as Ayahuasca. I immersed myself in learning all the plant had to teach me. In late 2023, I received my final teaching: “I have everything I need. I am complete.”

The plants helped me reach the Superconscious level and the Buddhic state. I entered into direct communion with the Spirit of the plants, the essence of the universe.

Now I practice living in this state of consciousness which enables me to radiate an activating energy field of love, power, joy, bliss, creation, and peace.

This state also enables me to have direct insight into the nature of reality and the source of blockages and illnesses which hold individuals and organizations from being in harmony, experiencing completeness, and living an abundant, zestful life.

While I continue to use my expertise in mind mechanics, emotional healing and regulation, and several other modalities, my Ikigai is Superconsciousness and Radiance.

Born in Bombay, India, I was brought up with the given name and personality of Rohan. The Matrix ignited a conscious desire to become a computer programmer and hacker, and an unconscious desire to awaken from the cultural prison.

I realized my conscious desire by becoming a Software Developer and Information Security Consultant at Amazon in Seattle. While I was thriving in this career, life had different plan(t)s for me.

I had a hyper-addictive personality, I abused substances, loved gambling and anything that would keep me completely numb from being present. An overdose at the age of 16 caused a permanent dissociative state which lasted for over 13 years.

In 2014, an ayahuasca retreat experience completely transformed my life which led me to apprentice with the plants for over 9 years.

I have been living in the Atlantic Rainforest since 2015. After being intentionally single for 13 years, I connected with my life partner Ruta in mid-2023. We now live a not-so-conventional family life with our 3 adorable fur-babies.

In 2022, I became the proprietor of a 9-acre space in the Atlantic rainforest, a space which has been named “Sítio iO” — based on The Infinite Zero or T i O (sítio is a portuguese word for space).

We are developing The Brainforest Foundation and Retreat Center on this property to receive and guide souls on the journey of Self & Spiritual Mastery.

Along with facilitating retreats, I also enjoy writing, publishing podcasts, being in nature, eating, netflixing, exercising irregularly, and living in the Superconscious state.

I invite you to send me a message introducing yourself and to ask questions or connect in anyway you like.

Read my previous Bio to learn more about me and my journey prior to my Superconscious transformation.