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Welcome to a space dedicated to the exploration and development of consciousness. A space where you can connect with Consciousness Nomads exploring The Infinite Zero Experience. Get personalized guidance to apply a variety of dynamic methods to your everyday life.

Our uniquely blended experience includes methods such as Study of Self, Unschooling the Unconscious, Consciousness Nomadism, The Yoga Beyond, The Fourth Way of Consciousness, and more. Our practices are based in psychology, emotional intelligence, physical wellbeing, shamanism, yoga, and other methods.

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As indicated in our post about the Study of Self method, we intend to go deep with our programs and work with people who are committed to developing their consciousness. We have created plans that encourage long-term commitment. At the same time we recognize that people who are new to this space may want to try a shorter period before making a longer commitment.

This page is specifically for people who wish to participate in group work and the community. You can also check our 1:1 counseling offers

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We discourage people who are just here to browse the surface or drop in for a meeting or two, to see if it is something “cool” or “trendy”. This is also not a place for shortcuts and quick-fixes or promises to turn your life around in 10 weeks (or any arbitrary amount of time which sounds appealing to you). This is long-term work that goes deep and the people who participate in this space are opening themselves to be sensitive and vulnerable while exploring their unconscious and sharing their experiences, so this space is only open to those who intend to open to this level. You need not participate and open immediately, although at a minimum you understand the intention of this space and agree to be respectful when you are present in a group environment. 

We encourage you to make a conscious choice to come to each session and evaluate each session before returning. We would also request the same when renewing your membership commitment with us each time. This is not just another activity to add to your pile of hobbies. Once you are in this space you will realize the difference in depth compared to many other practices. We are working on sensitive issues – not everyone can commit and persevere through this work. 

For those who choose another path, we respect your choice and wish you the best wherever your journey takes you. For those who choose to go down the endless rabbit holes of consciousness with us, we are deeply grateful for your commitment and courage, and appreciate the opportunity to go through this journey together. 

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