A World Beyond

A journey in consciousness

This booklet serves as an introduction to a series of upcoming booklets that may help you to transform your perception with regards to certain words and concepts that have unconsciously guided our lives in a certain direction.

This series is dedicated to provide alternative views about several concepts. If you choose, you may use these perspectives to transform your self and take a journey to another world.

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A World Beyond Mistakes

Mistakes are gateways to other realities... that might just be more beautiful...

A World Beyond Mistakes is an invitation to a journey. On this journey, we will examine the concept known as “Mistake”, and see how it ties us into the web of reality as we know it.

We continue this journey by proposing alternate ways of perception of the very same concept. These alternate ways are keys that you can use to transform your perception. A mistake is rooted in the system of judgment – a system of “right and wrong”.

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