A Quantum Leap
Beyond Your Imagination

The Brainforest Experience

The Purpose

Take a vacation from your “self” and discover broader, deeper, and higher levels of your Self.

Step out of your mind.
Align and create life from your Soul.

Our retreat guest Gargi says..

"This retreat is the most magnificent Earth experience which you must have at least once in your life."

A Full Spectrum Experience

This retreat will enable you to experience and understand deeper dimensions of your mind, heart, and soul, for you to actualize your full potential.

You will gain immense clarity that will create greater flow and impact in your relationship to yourself, your work, family, friends, partners, and all other aspects of your life.

Let your Soul unfold in its full glory

Step out of a life of obligation and compulsion.

Rediscover your vitality to live a zestful life where every venture is an adventure.

Paint your life ahead on an entirely new canvas

Dive deeper into your passion and inspiration to create greater levels of impact in the world.

Create deeper meaning and fulfillment in your life.
Step into your next level of Genius.

You are not here by luck nor chance.
This is a sacred invitation
to Glow and Flow.

Take The Quantum Leap
Beyond Your Imagination

The Setting

Your experience is set in the heart of the Atlantic rainforest where the jungle kisses the ocean with white-sand lips.

We are based in the state of Bahia, Brasil, an idyllic location where you get to experience the full power and beauty of nature and the elements.

The entire experience is designed for you to activate your inner power and fully appreciate your own beauty.

Beyond Your Mind

What you want and so much more...

Receive beyond the limits of your imagination, beyond what you think you want.

Open The Backdoor To
Step Into A New Reality

Win-Win-Win! You Are Helping Us & The Planet

We have designed this as a Win-Win-Win experience!

By participating in this retreat you are supporting the development of The Brainforest Foundation for rainforest preservation and restoration.