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We offer therapeutic counselling packages for people who are committed to their own healing and growth. In these sessions you have the opportunity to cut through the layers that obscure the real causes of the symptoms manifesting in your life. By digging to this level of depth you have the opportunity to discover the material that makes you what you are, and with the right tools you can use your power to transform this material and your Self in the process…

We only offer quick-fixes real help for you to activate the real you.

We do not offer to activate you, heal you, or do any miracle for you.
In general, we do not offer disempowering solutions crutches that create codependency with the teacher.

We teach self-fullness and inter-dependence:
a way to be empowered while empowering others.

Remember, there are neither quick-fixes nor guarantees, and certainly no “miracles”. There is no doubt that the potential to develop exists within each of us, but there is a definite reality that most people are too afraid to activate their own potential. We respect and accept whatever level you are ready for when you journey with us. We do not expect anything of you, and whatever you expect of us, we can only promise that we will do everything in our power to help you. 

It is common for us to surpass your wildest expectations while still disappointing your simplest ones

People expect to be treated in ways that are toxic but familiar, and this is where they feel deeply disappointed. On the other hand, people often go beyond the limits of their imagination, a place that is far beyond their grasp and beyond their exaggerated expectations of what this work can give them.

This is beyond the usual. 
Expect to be disappointed. 
Expect to be surprised.

What is the "Real Estate" of Consciousness?

We redefined the term “real estate” in the domain of Consciousness to refer to the “property” you own. Just like physical real estate is defined as “property consisting of land and the buildings on it, along with its natural resources”. So we can ask ourselves:

What do I own in my Inner World?

What takes up space in my mind? 
What consumes my resources? 
Where do I spend my resources?
What even are my resources?

When we think of owning physical real estate, we think of owning land (and the natural resources on that piece of land), houses, and anything we can construct in that space. If we can translate this metaphor to our inner world, what do we own within our mind, heart, and consciousness?

We own beliefs, we own relationships, we own pain, resentment, suffering that we are holding on to, we own memories that give us pleasure and sorrow. We own plans of who we want to be, and how we wish people would see us. We own desires. We own fears and emotions. We own programs. We own internalized projections of others’ feelings, desires, and beliefs about ourselves.

All these inner possessions cost us space and energy to hold on to. But, and there is a huge Butt here: most of our inner possessions are not ours. We are holding on to others’ belongings. Other people have invaded our space and stored their beliefs, emotions, and opinions within us. Unconsciously we tell ourselves “it’s mine” or “this is who I am”, but is it really? And do you really want to keep this property?

These inner possessions have a very high price : they take the place of your true desires, your authentic values, your original creativity, your raw power; all of these real aspects of yourself are diminished while holding onto all the excess baggage others have loaded onto you.

Your guilt, your shame, your anger, your fear, your bitterness, your resentment; these are all the mechanisms that the invaders use to keep you hostage and occupy your space. 

In our work, we help you take ownership of your inner world, to identify and evict the invaders, reclaim your power, your space, and your resources. Somehow, the world has made you a prisoner within your own Consciousness and rather than being a master of your inner world, you became a slave to the many tiny masters that rule your inner world.

Do you really believe you are you?

You Think You Are You
But Are You? You?

You believe you are you. But beliefs are not reality. They are a mask over reality that keeps us imprisoned. Believing you are something is not the same as being it. Believing you are god is not the same as being god. And the same goes for being your authentic Self. Just repeating hypnotic affirmations to yourself to trick yourself into believing “I am my authentic self” doesn’t actually work. You are just hypnotized into believing something. And as long as you keep mistaking beliefs for reality, you live in an illusion.

Our work is to break all illusions and see the reality, no matter what it is and how it is. Only from that level can we change the reality. This is what you can get at the deepest levels of Consciousness. The ability to create a Real Self that is based in Reality.

How much does this "cost"?

Before we get into discussions about cost and value, we recommend asking yourself these questions and sitting with them:

Levels of Readiness

We understand that people are at different stages on their journey and have different needs. All our work is deep, how deep you want to go is up to you. These are the different levels of depth we offer which will be further customized for each individual

Note: the offers below are for 1:1 counselling, we work in groups for those who are prefer that style.

Deep Insight​

When you feel ready to explore your “real estate”, to understand what is blocking you, to discover the scripts you are playing out unconsciously, and how you limit yourself to the identity given to you by the world.

Intensive Transformation

When you are ready to act-ivate your Self by opening unconscious blockages and transforming patterns that keep you imprisoned in your own personality. 

We go beyond the Deep Insight level to guide you in shifting beliefs, patterns, perspectives, and mindsets that keep you looping in undesirable ways.

See Your Self

When you are ready to let go all attachments and
see beyond all layers obscuring Reality and your Self.

The most powerful experience is to See your Self
Truly See Your Real Self in A Mirror Unlike Any Other

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