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General Manager

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The people looking to fill this role should be adept at management — not just in the traditional corporate environment, but also people with natural management skills. These skills include managing people, projects, events, and anything that needs to be looked after.

People who enjoy wearing many hats, and can handle responsibility without being overwhelmed are ideal candidates for this opportunity. People who are naturally social — who can be empathic with others and assertive without aggression simultaneously. Or are willing to work actively towards becoming such a person.

This role will involve working closely with the founder to coordinate the everyday workings of the organization. Prior experience in a corporate managerial role is respected, and natural management skills from other environments are equally appreciated.

We are looking to build an organization that is dynamic and unconventional, so we are open and welcoming to people from diverse backgrounds. While some may say such a thing won’t work, we are happy to take this challenge and find the many ways in which it will work, and flourish beyond our imagination.

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