Development Roadmap

This page gives a high-level overview of our plans to develop our center. 

We are putting in every required effort — and much more — to realize this vision with the highest level of quality. What is noticeably missing is a notion of time or schedule. This is intentional as we accept the unpredictable nature of life and live in the unknown — being open to whatever pace this project will take. 

While we say we cannot predict the timeline, we replace rash urgency with a strong sense of determination. We prefer to build a strong foundation — even if it takes some more time — to avoid unnecessary pitfalls further down the road. Having said that, we will ensure maximum efficiency for the optimal timeline.

We see this project as a being having a life of its own — breathing and beating to its own rhythm — along with The Infinite Zero Experience Center, we also call this being Twixy (Ti0Xc). We see the launch of this website as its birth into the “real world”. Delivered from the womb of potential into the cyber realm of planet Earth. Our next step is to help Twixy make its way into the physical realm. We are working to gather and provide all the support needed to realize its full potential. 

We hope and trust that we will receive support from well-resourced people and organizations that can meaningfully enhance our efforts and bring Twixy to maturity in perfect time — whenever that may be. If you would like to support and participate in the development of this project, reach out to us through the contact form or email us directly:

Phase I

Funding Campaign

  • We have divided the main project into several sub-projects and stages to make it easier to manage the development 
  • Preliminary estimates have been provided alongside with a:
    • target: an amount that can get us started to realize the project as envisioned
    • minimum: if we experience a slow start, this is the lowest amount we would need to realize a good quality minimal version of the project
    • dream: an amount that would allow us to enhance our projects into a dream-like reality
  • At the bottom of the page you will find a link to the funding page for each project

I0ns - Infinite Zero nuggets

  • I0ns are the medium of exchange for the center we are developing, a “currency” based on the natural laws of the universe
  • I0ns will be distributed to contributors of the funding campaign so they can start participating in the center and community
  • The I0ns community will be started as an online space for comads (consciousness nomads) to discuss ideas and have conversations about consciousness development

Phase II

The Virtual Studio

  • One of the first stages of our multidimensional center will be developed in the cyber world – a virtual studio that can be accessed by people from around the world through the internet
  • To begin there will be simple courses that will offer introductions to techniques for developing consciousness. This will serve to start developing a base for the community and to connect with people who resonate and wish to fund the project
  • As we secure funding, we will start developing a representation of our envisioned center in virtual reality — a space that people can visit to develop multidimensional consciousness
  • This center will emulate the Reality studio to give people an idea of what we plan to develop in physical space
  • In this virtual studio, people will get access to deeper immersive experiences that help them to explore and develop their consciousness from the comfort of their homes

Target to start project: USD 300,000

Minimum to start project: USD 50,000

Dream to start project: USD 2,000,000 – Infinity

Target to start project: USD 500,000

Minimum to start project: USD 200,000

Dream to start project: USD 3,000,000 – Infinity

The Plateau of Consciousness

  •  Parallel to the development of the virtual studio, we will be working on developing the plateau of consciousness in physical reality
  • The funds received through the campaign will be used to secure spaces in the Atlantic jungle where the rainforest needs to be protected and where we can realize our vision for Reality and Twixy
  • One of our priorities is to protect and restore the jungle along with developing our center in a sustainable way that is harmonious with nature

Phase III

The Reality Studio

  •  This is our vision for an experience studio that integrates modern and futuristic technology with nature for people to have dynamic guided journeys to develop their consciousness
  • There will be several stages to this project, including:
    • procuring existing technologies
    • developing new technologies
    • constructing the physical space
    • setting up the technology and hardware in the studio
    • developing customized software to create dynamic experiences
    • and many other steps that we will discover along the way

Target to start project: USD 1,000,000

Minimum to start project: USD 300,000

Dream to start project: USD 5,000,000 – Infinity

Phase IV

The Infinite Zero Experience Center

Target to start project: USD 1,200,000

Minimum to start project: USD 400,000

Dream to start project: USD 10,000,000 – Infinity

  • While the projects listed above are components of the same center, there are many parts that have not been listed in the summary
  • We envision a fully functioning self-sustainable space that is capable of hosting participants that travel from all around the world, which includes
    • Building bungalows to accommodate participants
    • Gardens and spaces to enjoy the beauty of the Atlantic jungle
    • Farms where we are able to source organically grown foods
    • Dining, library, and other common spaces where participants can socialize and have time to relax and reflect on their experiences


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