External Content Recommendations

Get your mental, emotional, mystical juices flowing…

In this post I feature some content from external sources, that will fill your soul, break your mind, and blow your heart out…


#0 Mr. Nobody

One of my all-time favorites, a classic mind-breaker, from parallel lives to The Big Crunch, this will fulfill your mind and soul cravings for a while. Available to watch on Prime Video, Google Play, Apple TV.

#1 What About Me?

If you prefer the genre of “musical documentary”, the second production of One Giant Leap called “What About Me?” is an insightful trip around the world with musicians and spiritual frontliners sharing their wisdom.

#2 The Emerald Forest

Produced in 1985, this is a heart-melting semi-fictional story about the invasion of the Amazon rainforest and the fight of the indigenous tribes. Not for the light-hearted, this is a deeply touching movie that highlights a situation that has only escalated and worsened in the nearly 4 decades since this movie was published.

#3 The Order of Time


If you are looking for a book that will explore the history of time from a scientific perspective, and completely breakdown all your notions and intuitions about time, this is the book to read.

#4 Look At You

This witty and irreverent special by Taylor Tomlinson is a must-watch as she spins her mental health journey and diagnosis of bipolar disorder into an hour of insightful comedy.

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