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Whether you have been with us for a while or this is your first visit, my guess is that there is something on these lists you will enjoy reading / re-reading, or watching / re-watching. I feature some of my favorite posts and podcast episodes on this page.

#0 The Infinite Zero Experience

In this video I share how my journey brought about the creation of the online school of Consciousness called The Infinite Zero Experience, and how my experience shaped the philosophy, methods, and Consciousness Development trainings I offer. I also discuss about contentment and addiction, and the difference between coping + management compared to healing + transformation.

#1 Psychological Survival Mechanisms – The 3 D’s

Psych Survival 101: The 3 D’s of Psychological Survival are Depression, Dissociation, Denial. In this post we explore how they help us deal with life and get us through painful times and propose ways of working with them instead of fighting, numbing, or coping with them.

#2 Resurrecting Inner Hope & Sacrificing False Hope

Inspired from my own journey of dealing with depression, despair, and hopelessness from feeling deeply disappointed with the world, to awakening the hope within that transcends the circumstances and suffering outside.

#3 When Rebellion turned to Joy

What does it mean to surrender to the flow of life? Why can’t we just do it? Surrendering from a place of empowerment means transforming whatever life throws at you into a gift.

#4 Being Joyous In A Hopeless World

Continuing from the theme above, this blog post + podcast episode completes the series on joy, hopelessness, and depression. We explore ways to find balance on the see-saw of denial-based positivity and “reality-based” nihilistic depression.

#5 The Spiritual Hamster Wheel …OR… The Self-Help Hamster Wheel

A post for those who may be tired of seeking and exploring self-help and spirituality theoretically, and are ready to find something deeper and real.

#6 The Earth is Both Flat & Spherical

Going from the OR Consciousness to the AND Consciousness, we explore a different perspective on perception and higher consciousness.

#7 You CAN Be A Burden On Others

People-pleasing can seem like an easy option, yet it is a burden that can crush our authenticity and self-worth. Allowing yourself to be a burden allows putting yourself first without guilt and shame.