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Whether you have been with us for a while or this is your first visit, my guess is that there is something on these lists you will enjoy reading / re-reading, or watching / re-watching. In this post I feature some of the content our viewers found most insightful.

#0 Emerging From The Cave: From Losing My Self To Becoming Infinite

My 8-year journey of healing addiction and training as a facilitator for developing higher consciousness.

#1 The Difference Between Life-changing & You-changing 

It may not be apparent, but there is a big difference between Life and You, and when changing your life is not working, it may be time to change You.

#2 Moving Out of FOMO

A podcast episode with one of the students training at our school where we discuss the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), decision-paralysis, and anxiety, and some ideas on moving out of it.

#3 It is normal to fail at Self-help

Self-help has gained immense popularity, and like everything that turns into a megalithic industry, it may be doing people more harm than good.

#4 The Study of Self Method

A podcast episode about our flagship group training program, the approach, philosophy, and methods used in the Study of Self training.

#5 Don’t be grateful for the life “given” to you

You have been cancelled since birth. Your life is taken from you the moment it is “given” to you. Creating your life is the only real freedom.

#6 A Cruise For Your Soul: Take A Vacation From Your Self…

Taking a vacation from the stress of work and daily routines is part of “normal life”. But what happens when you are tired of being yourself? A Soul need not wait till death to rest in peace.

#7 Free your Consciousness from Personality Prisons & Identity Lock-in

What is an Identity Prison? What is Identity Lock-in? Learn about these concepts and ways to free your Consciousness from being suffocated in these tiny corners of Reality…