We are at day zero of building The Infinite Zero Experience Center. As a startup, joining us means getting in at a stage where the opportunity to learn has the maximum potential. It also means acknowledging that we are in the “birth” process and the entire team will have to make better than their best efforts to pull this ship through and beyond the ocean of chaos. We see this process as one of the most exciting challenges.

Culture... or Soul?

One of the key highlights of our center is that we are going beyond the traditional concept of building the “corporate culture”. We are going beyond developing a traditional mechanical organization.

Twixy is the name of the collective being
who is breathing & beating & pulsing
to the rhythm of The Infinite Zero

Birthing this being, curating it, developing it, evolving it — is part of the job for every crew member.

The soul of this center is a reflection of the soul of each member within it. This is why the development of this collective being is happening simultaneously with the development of the individual. Working here means working on yourself, always and in every way. We are here to grow together and to learn from each other so we may manifest a delicious slice of infinity. Having this mindset from the start is the key to developing an eternal being that transcends the ephemeral waves of chaos.

Each member, irrespective of their position or title in this team, is simply a limb of this collective being. And each limb is equally important to the healthy and optimal functioning of this trans-form transformational being, which is why we emphasize cooperation over competition. Clarifying the priorities and intention is a vital task for each member to be fully functional.


This message is a call to join the crew. For those who resonate and answer the call, we welcome you with an open heart.

Please explore the opportunities posted below.

We also welcome applications beyond the opportunities listed here. Create your job — your ideal position — we welcome it, we respect it, we encourage it. 

Just remember, whatever your position, a key requirement is the flexibility to act in unexpected ways. Whether you have this or not, we are interested in your openness to develop it together with us.

The message below has the intention to be forthright, provide clarity about our requirements, and to set clear expectations from the beginning. We use this direct approach to steer clear of avoidable situations that may result otherwise. This also stands as a test to attract only those who are genuinely interested. 

Some qualities we are looking for in potential members include commitment and willingness to go beyond the normal. We are building a transformational center — one that will transform everything it comes in contact with — including you, if you choose to join. 

By choosing to come aboard, you acknowledge that many, if not all, parts of “you” will be tested and will require transformation in unexpected ways. This may be exhilarating and blissful at times, while painful and chaotic at others. There will be support and resources available to help you with this process — the key component is always going to be you, your openness, and your willingness to transform with the flow. 

This can be one of the most challenging processes you have ever encountered, and simultaneously one with the most potential for growth for the being within. We are here to work, for this center and on ourselves. We will do everything to make it as enjoyable as we can. At the same time we see life as an act of balance and we welcome everything that is required for us to grow and realize our full potential.

Basic Expectations

These are some qualities we look for in candidates who wish to work with us.

  • Willingness and humility to do whatever is required as part of the job
  • Openness to learn any skills required for the job
  • Intention to develop personal consciousness
  • Strong will and determination to get the task done — “there is always a way, I will find it” 
  • Passion to go beyond the basic and bring excellence in all efforts
  • A personal code of ethics that upholds a respectful relationship with all colleagues and Twixy

We aim to be an open-space, open-time workplace – while your presence may be required at certain times and in certain places, we offer the flexibility to operate from the place you choose and at the time you choose — as long as you are meeting and hopefully exceeding basic expectations. 


Create Your Dream Job

Looking for a platform to explore your passion? Want to do more than just filling out the designated responsibilities of your role? This opportunity is for people who wish to bring and develop their multi-faceted self along with the organization. With us, you will have the opportunity to discover and act on your potential, derive fulfillment, find purpose, and live with blissful passion. We are providing this opportunity for those who wish to explore life

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General Assistant

This opportunity is to be an assistant to the founder of the center. The term general implies that the work will span across a variety of domains. This will call upon the skills the person already has, as well as the need to learn and develop the skills that are required for the job. This role will have maximum exposure to the development process of this center. Working alongside the founder will provide the opportunity

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General Manager

The people looking to fill this role should be adept at management — not just in the traditional corporate environment, but also people with natural management skills. These skills include managing people, projects, events, and anything that needs to be looked after. People who enjoy wearing many hats, and can handle responsibility without being overwhelmed are ideal candidates for this opportunity. People who are naturally social — who can be empathic with others and assertive

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Pulse Manager

This opportunity is for someone adept at managing “pulse points” or interfaces between the center and the outside world. This will entail managing the blog and community, social media presence, public profiles, and any point of contact with people outside the center. Requirements Blog, forum, community management experience Social media profile management experience Create dynamic engaging content Ability to converse in an appropriate manner with guests Resourcefulness and creativity to expand outreach in organic ways

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Designer- UI, Art, Graphics, Website

A clean, engaging, appealing design is one of the critical components that differentiates success from failure even for high-quality content. The people who fill this role need to have an eye for design and the skills to bring ideas to virtual life with elegance. All kinds of creative endeavors that help to communicate the message of our center are enthusiastically encouraged. This opportunity is for those with expertise in developing content for websites, books, and

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Developer – Software, Hardware, VR, XR

If you are interested in building a mixed reality platform for creating experiences and journeys that dynamically adapt to the individual, this is a space where you get to play and explore like never before. One of our core offerings is to combine technology with nature for the exploration of consciousness. We are looking for self-motivated developers who are willing to experiment and tread into the undiscovered realms of consciousness technology. Working together with the

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