This web journal is a compilation of multi-media collections (audio, video, text) exploring The Infinite Zero Experience in greater depth and detail.

Our posts span a wide range of topics, organized into collections and series which you can find below. Each post is an invitation for a respectful discussion, we deeply appreciate sincere feedback which you can post in the comments section.  

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This discipline of non-discipline is a way of consciousness that does not belong to a specific belief system. In this way, we are free to explore all systems and choose what resonates to navigate the eternal mystery of life and reality


Explore techniques that integrate physics, mathematics, spirituality, and nature to extend your consciousness into deeper dimensions of life, universe, reality, or any other word you like...


A state of consciousness in which entertainment media such as movies and television start communicating and mirroring you. This series covers key insights received through meditainment

Becoming Ti0

My journey of transformation, creating a personality of choice, connecting with the essence of life...

Going beyond pop-yoga to explore and connect with something deeper than the body and mind. To go beyond our beliefs, personalities, desires, convictions, and limitations that keep us rotating about our illusory sense of self. A dynamic, personalized way to connect with a deeper, freer self...

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A World Beyond...
A World Beyond Time

What is beyond our experience of time? Is there such a space where we can explore the world without time? What would such a world be like? Learn about multidimensionality and taking your perception to dimensions beyond conventional time and space…

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