This journal provides an exploration of the projects and experiential philosophies which are the foundation of The Infinite Zero Experience Center. 

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Available Collections

This discipline of non-discipline is a way of consciousness that does not belong to a specific belief system. In this way, we are free to explore all systems and choose what resonates to navigate the eternal mystery of life and reality

I0ns are nuggets of the Infinite Zero - pieces of the endless nothing. This project is based on creating a community that emulates the natural evolution of the universe and our selves. This series covers everything about I0ns and how you can get some

This collection covers everything related to our center. The development of projects, our inspirations, motivations, visions, focus, approach, and intentions

Upcoming Collections

Natural Technology

Nature is filled with countless phenomenon that are available to us. This series explores the potential of what we have been given by this immeasurably powerful force

Consciousness Tech

Enter the world of technological inventions that are designed to assist in the development of consciousness. From mind machines to frequency modulators, mixed reality and feedback systems...


Explore techniques that integrate physics, mathematics, spirituality, and nature to extend your consciousness into deeper dimensions of life, universe, reality, or any other word you like...


A state of consciousness in which entertainment media such as movies and television start communicating and mirroring you. This series covers key insights received through meditainment


Explore the different experiences that will be offered at our center and see various innovative ways in which you can develop your consciousness

Becoming Ti0

The founder's journey of transformation from nobody to nothing, shedding layers of the personality to reconnect with the essence of life

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A World Beyond...
A World Beyond Conflict

What is the source of conflict? Can we reach a state of consciousness that transcends this massively complex web of violent interaction? …

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