A Deep Immersion Incubator to Emerge In Your Full Radiance

Let your Soul unfold in its Full Glory

A personalized experience with no predefined method, formula, or strategy.
The Lab is where we invent and cook up a special recipe just for you.
More than inventing, this recipe emerges organically from your soul and spirit.
It is delivered to us step by step as we incorporate, integrate, and install this recipe into your system.

This is Your Soul’s Code: the personality and identity that match your body and mind for the highest expression of your soul in this life.

Swap Your Logical Mind
For Your Magical Mind

Live From Your Infinite Self

Alchemize | Activate  | Harmonize

Radiate your gifts fully

Receive all the love and prosperity

Immerse Deeply
Emerge Fully

What Gargi had to say..

"This is the most magnificent Earth experience which you must have at least once in your life."
~ Gargi Shah, Entrepreneur

You are here neither by luck nor chance.
This is A Sacred Invitation to Glow.

Take A Quantum Leap
Beyond Your Imagination


IS ready
for 🫵 you

The Setting

Your experience is set in the heart of the Atlantic rainforest where the hills and jungle kiss the ocean with white-sand lips.

Based in the state of Bahia, Brasil, an idyllic location where you get to experience the full power and beauty of nature and the elements, complete with modern comforts and luxuries.

We pick the perfect location that matches you and the experience that awaits you.

Beyond Your Mind

What you want and so much more...

Receive beyond the limits of your imagination, beyond what you think you want.

Open The Backdoor
Step Into A New Reality