Introduction & Expectations


A method for consciousness development

The Study of Self or SoS method developed by Ti0 is an integration of various methods and systems. The integration style used in this method is called Consciousness Nomadism

Not DiY – DiYT

This course focuses on expounding the Study of Self method. This is not purely a do-it-yourself (DiY) course. It is more a do-it-yourself-together (DiYT) course. While each person has to make an individual effort for their own development, other core elements of this course include group-work and facilitated integration.

Group work is a vital part of this course. The course is only available to people who will participate in regular group meetings. This is for the safety and healthy progress of each person who chooses to participate.

Self-work involves the element of the shadow – it is that part we cannot see in ourselves. The group and facilitator help to mirror the shadow so we can gain more self-awareness and simultaneously improve our social relations. The facilitator also helps ensure the awakening of the shadow is done in a safe and responsible manner.

Other Considerations

Owing to the deeply experiential nature of this course, it is important to have an experienced facilitator who can assist in integrating unconscious parts that will inevitably surface on this journey. This is why mutual trust and respect with the facilitator is deeply important.

Some people also have the habit to only brush the surface and jump to the next attractive thing. There is a tendency in such people to accumulate an endless array of exercises. Usually, there is also an inability to go deep and apply the exercises in practical ways when it is truly required. This is another reason that facilitated integration is a vital component of this work.

This course is not here to simply provide you with a toolbelt of exercises that you may take and go your own way. While the course may provide that in the long run, there is much more to it. To get the most from this course it is important to practice the exercises, learn to go deep, and cooperate with the facilitator to have an integrative journey.

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An Ideal Experience When You Are Ready For Adventure
An Ideal Experience When You Are Ready For Adventure