A World Beyond Mistakes is an invitation to a perception-bending journey about a seemingly trivial yet pervasive life altering concept: Mistake.

What does life look like when you go beyond perceiving events and actions as mistakes…

In this short yet substantial booklet, we will examine the concept known as “Mistake”, and see how it ties us into the web of reality as we know it. We propose alternate ways of perceiving the same concept but with life-altering consequences should you choose to embrace this view.

These alternate ways are keys that you can use to transform your perception. A mistake is rooted in the system of judgment – a system of “right and wrong”. By making a choice to see things differently, we can uproot and unwind ourselves from the world where mistakes can have devastating consequences to our sense of self.

By making this choice we can travel to a world beyond mistakes — a world where you and others live with the understanding that we can never know the real purpose of an event just by examining it from the perspective of right and wrong.

When we take this journey to a world beyond mistakes, we open ourselves to the idea:

Mistakes are gateways to other realities…
that might just be more beautiful..

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There's a way out, in here...
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A concise unpacking of a fundamental human flaw.

For a brief read, the author uncovered a very large, clean description of the "mistake" we make before we decide we've even made a mistake.

This perspective makes ALL the difference in how we view ourselves over the course of our life... a small oversight with huge life-ruining implications, that could actually have been avoided by simply being aware of the mindset written within these pages.

If you are struggling with Depression (or any other self-worth issues) and stumble on this book, give it a go... it's an easy read, but with a valid insight to offer you a life-altering lesson in perception.

Sushil G.
A world beyond indecision
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'Such is the power of love: it gives those who love you the most the courage to hurt you in the ways you need'

This was my favorite quote from this booklet as it was very pertinent to my current situation.

'A World Beyond Mistakes' was a quick and insightful read. It helped me gain a fresh perspective on how subjective the concepts of 'right' and 'wrong' can be. It is a also a great starting place to learn how to embrace imperfection and the lessons that come with it. As someone who battles with crippling indecision and a perpetual feeling of being stuck, I valued this approach of redifining how we perceive mistakes.

I look forward to applying this approach in my everyday life and keep moving forward.

I would have liked to see a chapter on proceeding with caution as some of the messages about making mistakes could be misconstrued by individuals battling with addictions and self-destructive behaviors.

Overall, I would highly recommend this booklet to anyone who is venturing into a journey of self-discovery.
I needed you so bad
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I’m going to keep making my silly mistakes because I’m moving and living to get to the real me .. imperfect and loving

Thank you


Book Preview

View excerpts from some chapters of our book

Here is a metaphor to better explain the concept of a mistake.

You are a in a room with many walls. Each wall faces a different direction. Each wall has a window of a different size and shape. You look out of one window and “see the world”. If you don’t look out of any other window, you will come to believe that the world is what you see out of that one window.

Now consider that the window you selected had a glass that was distorted, like those used in rooms with “funny mirrors”. If your idea of the world is based on your perception through this distorted window, the result is obvious. The only issue is that you never considered that the window may be distorted, and so you believe you have a clear perception of the reality of the world.

This is the best way to describe our concept of mistake. We see an event through a distorted lens and believe we have a clear perception, and we use this understanding to label the sequence of events as “wrong”.

Without looking through all the windows, we cannot even hope to have the slightest possibility of a clear perception. Even after looking through all the windows, we have to ask the question – are these windows clear or do they have distortions? And are we truly synthesizing the information from all the windows to get a full picture of reality?

The perception of an event is deeply colored by the way the incident personally affects the observer. Even if it doesn’t consciously, physically, or apparently, affect you, the situation may trigger something deep within that makes you want to defend, attack, sympathize with, save, or just ignore the other person. The reaction can be tremendously different with each new person witnessing the situation.

Art, of any kind, is a great example of this, each person has a different interpretation. Each critic can provide a diverse viewpoint. The difference is that with art people are in most cases entitled to their opinion. When it comes to mistakes, the space for diversity of opinion is drastically reduced.

If we see mistakes through this lens, we can make a statement that there is no such thing as “making a mistake”. There is only perception that leads to the mind labeling an event or action as a mistake.

Moreover, the same incident revisited can be branded differently by the same person. So even a mistake is not definite or permanent. The same holds in reverse. When we fall in love, we are convinced that it is the best thing that happened to us. 20 years down the line, it may be the worst mistake of our life.

In both cases, it is only our interpretation of the event that has changed. And both interpretations may be thoroughly weak in their relation to the “real reason or purpose of the event”. And there again, who can say what is real?

Maybe it was your unconscious, or your future self from a parallel reality – opening the door to a new reality.

But as Morpheus said, in all his style and glory:

I can only take you to the door…
you are the one who must walk through it

Perhaps our angels become demonic because we are so stubborn and blind when they open the door gently and kindly.

Perhaps they come to the realization that we are incapable of seeing the light shining on the other side of the door unless there is a fire burning under our butts. And sometimes they need to escalate that fire to an inferno that threatens to swallow us whole – and so we are forced to run through that door.

Who can say with certainty that they know the right answer?

Who can say with certainty that the devil is anything more than a perception?

That it is not god’s ugliest disguise?

Maybe devil is god’s most challenging disguise?

The next time you make or witness a mistake, if you can stop and overcome the
instinctive reaction to blame or feel guilty, you may just find a path to
another world. In this moment you may be able to comprehend an unapparent force
beyond your immediate knowledge that created this opportunity for you very

you are able to start doing this, not only will the unconscious impulse to make
mistakes be significantly reduced, your way of seeing reality will be forever
changed. You will open a dialog with the unconscious power within you that was
using mistakes as a way to guide you to different places. This is how you will
reduce the chances of making mistakes going forward.

Once you enter in communication with this force, you need not wait till a mistake has been made. You can start consciously making more optimal choices to go on the path you are being guided towards.

Having reached this stage of my journey, I can say with certainty that every single mistake is a gift in disguise. It is an event that has been created by forces beyond our comprehension. An event that is waiting to be revisited by eyes that are not tied to berating interpretations. 

These eyes, this sight, goes beyond what we see in the material world. These are the eyes of perception and interpretation. These are the eyes of our beliefs. These are the eyes that, when you know how to use them, will give you the power to love yourself and others in ways that are indescribable.

These eyes will not only give you the courage to forgive those who have tormented you for years — these are eyes that will allow you to see these beings as teachers playing a role so vital in your growth, that you will learn to love them more than many others that have crossed your path.

Such is the power of love:
it gives those who love you most
the courage to hurt you
in the ways you need

The beauty of this journey is that we can continue our pursuits — but by healing
ourselves we can change the quality of the fuel we use to drive our mission.
Rather than using a polluting fuel in the form of shame and insecurity, we can
switch to
“cleaner energy” in the form of authentic
passion. This cleaner energy will not only drive the output of our efforts to
incredibly higher levels, it will purify the intention and result in ways that
are incomprehensible.