An Introduction To Our Funding Campaign

The Infinite Zero Experience Center is a space to have personalized experiences with the purpose of developing consciousness. We are developing experiences that integrate nature and technology for people to explore the inner and outer worlds.

These personalized guided journeys are designed for each of you to explore the unknown and undiscovered parts within and beyond your self and your idea of reality. The purpose of this center is to take you beyond the realms that are apparent to the body, mind and heart, so you can grow beyond the limits of your present self.

Some of the core topics of exploration at our center are multidimensionality and consciousness nomadism. We will go into elaborate detail about these topics in individual series in our journal.

Using a mix of idyllic natural spaces in the Atlantic rainforest in Bahia, Brazil, and the innovations taking place in the field of consciousness technology and mixed reality, we are pioneering fun and interesting ways to take people on journeys into the unknown. Through these journeys, you will learn to become more resourceful by connecting with the various lost and forgotten dimensions of your self.

The I0ns funding campaign

We have termed our fundraising campaign as The I0ns funding campaign. We will be exploring I0ns in great detail in upcoming posts.

This funding campaign is a way for us to generate the financial and infrastructural support required to make the vision of this center a reality. To learn everything we have in store for this center you can browse through our website and the Experiences series in our journal.

To continue learning about our funding campaign and get a better idea about our development plans, click through to the next post below.

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