The difference between "World" & "Reality"

People do not distinguish too much between the words World and Reality. They may even use them interchangeably or use one to qualify the other, such as the term “Real World”.

I think it is interesting to differentiate the terms because it will help us to clarify the way we see life. In my terms, World is a construct, a concept that is created in the mind using language. Reality on the other hand is more than a mental construct or concept. Reality is that which would not change based on subjective perception.

Reality, thankfully, exists independent of any belief. Worlds exist only based on beliefs.

Reality may change of its own accord or by a variety of factors, but it is not changing just by the way we see it or think about it. World on the other hand changes entirely based on our perception, our thought, our definitions. So based on this, the World is not “real”, it is a construct, whereas Reality is beyond the construct.

We may create endless Worlds by interpreting Reality in endless ways, but we cannot create Reality merely by mental constructs. We can also say Reality is a container for endless Worlds. But a World contains nothing Real, a World is just a concept.

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