Just Because the Real is Ineffable… Does not make the Effable Real…

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When you can go beyond the obsessive drive to try and understand reality, and start allowing yourself to be filled with the ineffable reality, you will start clearing out the effable illusion that you consider to be reality.

There is nothing scary in this, it is one of the most liberating, relieving experiences when you no longer have to understand reality in order to experience it fully.

When you are not compelled to appear intelligent because of societal norms of acceptance, there is a relief that goes far beyond the superficial relief you may feel from being accepted by other people.

When you start getting filled by this substance that is beyond all words and logic, you can get to know that which is real. You may never be sure, because

doubt is the paradox that keeps reality alive…

But without a doubt it will feel more real than any belief you have to hold onto just to feel like you know what is going on. Just to feel accepted by a society that is built on a fragile foundation of theories originating in nothing but insecurity arising from uncertainty and the fear of the unknown.

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— Ti0

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An Ideal Experience When You Are Ready For Adventure
An Ideal Experience When You Are Ready For Adventure