The Earth Is Both Flat And Spherical

In this post we will explain exactly how it is possible for the Earth to be both flat and spherical, and a lot more...

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To fully grasp this piece, it is important to allow your existing beliefs to be challenged and also to consider the possibility that everything you “think you know” is just a belief. Instead of trying to prove me wrong or convince me of your opinion, forget about debate and discussion for a moment, just sit with the idea and see what happens if you just consider a different possibility. Watch your fears as the cages of your mental prison are rattled.

Freedom can be scary when the prison feels safe

The Earth is Neither Flat Nor Spherical

It is only our perception that gives the Earth shape. In reality, we cannot know what the Earth is or what it looks like. If we see the Earth from a 3-dimensional perspective, it looks like a sphere. From a 2-dimensional perspective, it’s a plane. From a 1-dimensional perspective, it’s a point. People claim they have proof of a spherical Earth based on images captured from “objective devices” like cameras or based on the perspective of some astronauts. But these devices are designed in a 3-dimensional space and are literally “bound” to capture only that. Furthermore, unless projected in a 3-d space, those cameras flatten the Earth when they project onto a 2-d space.

The other argument about the shape of the Earth could be based on gravity. Assuming that gravity acts from the center of the Earth pulling inward is just our conception based on 3-d perception. This too is erroneous because we do not understand the force of gravity and how it works in a higher-dimensional space. Maybe gravity could continue to work and have the same effect in a 3-d space while the shape of the Earth changes based on our perspective.

What about looking at Earth from a 4-dimensional perspective?

For that matter, what happens if we look at even the simplest object from a 4-dimensional perspective? What shape does a regular 3-d object take when we perceive it in 4 dimensions?
The answer is that we have no idea. Our rational minds are not capable of comprehending a 4-dimensional object because neither do we have the language for describing something like that, nor have we developed perception beyond 3 dimensions.

It is like describing a spherical Earth to an ant. The ant is incapable of perceiving a 3-dimensional reality because it has neither the language nor the capacity for such perception. Our inability to perceive reality beyond a 3-dimensional space makes us believe that the Earth is spherical. But for a 2-dimensional being, a spherical Earth is incomprehensible. And for a human, a 4-dimensional Earth is equally incomprehensible. We are as dumb as ants, relatively speaking. We are as limited in our perception as them — unless we do something to break out of our boxes and develop sight that goes beyond 3 dimensions.

What does 4-dimensional sight look like? Perhaps this is the function of a higher mind — something that can help us see beyond the 3-dimensional reality. For someone who has never experienced the opening of the 3rd eye, a 4-dimensional reality is absolutely incomprehensible beyond a rational though experiment which will just be an extrapolation of concepts that belong to a 3-dimensional reality. If we do not realize that a 4-dimensional reality requires a completely different language and apparatus, we will never be able to go beyond the 3-d world.

Why is language that important?

Because without it you will not know what you are experiencing and will never be able to relate it to yourself or others. There is plenty of evidence for this. When people experience a phenomenon without any background knowledge or foundation, they will completely misinterpret this known phenomenon based on personal biases. Like “the Indian god ganesha drinking milk” which later turned out to be capillary action.

When equipped with the proper tools, there is a deeper clarity to process the experience not just to communicate with others, but even for personal understanding. At the same time there is the trap of using the wrong language which will reduce a higher-dimensional experience into something trivial and meaningless. This is what many reductionist scientists do when they come across something, they disqualify it and attempt to fit it within their existing framework, even if it doesn’t really make sense, because they are too invested to keep their framework alive.

Language is important. Without understanding the language of 3-dimensional reality, we may not understand the experience of it, even if we have the apparatus. There have been African tribes who are unable to see the image on a screen until they were educated about depth perception. Our minds can automatically deduce a 3-d image from a 2-d screen but this does not work for everyone. Until recent times, we were unable to see the color blue until we learned what it is.

Language opens up the possibility to go even deeper into exploring dimensionality because you understand what is going on. Otherwise it is like being in a dark room feeling your way around and trying to make sense of your environment by guessing, like the blind men and the elephant. Language turns on the light and gives you clarity about your experience. Then you can know if you are in the 3-d, 2-d, 1-d, or 4-d reality. When you know how to make sense of it, you can look for signs that indicate the present dimensionality of reality.

What would a 4-d planet look like?

Hypothetically speaking, how would we perceive a 4-dimensional planet? Or just any 4-dimensional object? What would be the 4th dimension? Would it be time?
Ouspensky, in his ground-breaking book, Tertium Organum, explains that time is an imperfect sense that gives us an imperfect perception of a higher dimension.

As per examples in his book, the 3rd dimension of space becomes time for a 2-dimensional being. The second dimension is time for a 1-d being. And the 4th dimension is time for a 3-d human. It is our inability to grasp the entirety of the 4th dimension that only allows us to perceive a slice of it, a glimpse, a “present moment” that is an incomplete view of a completely manifested spatial dimension.

To really understand this, it is important to understand how time would work for 2-d beings. Space for a 2-d being is the plane on which it stands. It has no perception of height. It can only perceive along the length and breadth of the plane.

Imagine a flat disk spinning slowly, like a record or a CD. Now there is an ant that is on this rotating disk, and this rotating disk is suspended in mid-air. For this example, the ant cannot get off the disk because it is afraid of falling and dying. So the disk is the entire world of this ant. Now the spinning of the disc, for us 3-d beings may be trivial and obvious because we can see that there is a mechanism that is making the disc spin. But the ant is unable to perceive the mechanism that makes the disk spin, and so it believes there is some “force of nature” that makes the disk spin.

Also, on one side of the room in which this disk is located, there is a light that is just bright enough to light up half the room and the other side of the room is dark. This ant will experience “day and night” with each rotation of the disk. But for any human in the room, they can perceive “day and night” in a single instant in that room, because they are capable of perceiving the entire room. What the ant is experiencing as time is just a single moment for a human.

And no matter what you say or do, you will not be able to convince this ant that its concept of time is an illusion. Because it is not. That is how time works for the ant. And only when we understand that will we understand the relativity of dimensions. This is exactly how the 4th dimension is for a human. In our 3-d minds we are incapable of seeing the fully manifested 4th dimension. We can only see a slice of it that is “now”. No matter what we do, our 3-d minds cannot see 2 moments of time at once, it just doesn’t work.

Also note that when we are talking in 2-d, we are talking about a flat Earth, not a square Earth. Any 3d object projected in 2 dimensions will automatically flatten. Without height/depth, everything goes flat, including humans. And without “time” or the 4th spatial dimension, everything 4d appears to be stationary. The 4th dimension gives information about “changes in time”, just like the 3rd dimension gives information about depth. Just like the ant cannot conceive of a “room” that contains it, we cannot conceive of a 4-dimensional container that is holding us in 3-dimensional space. We can only glimpse a slice of this container ‘“one moment” *at* “a time”.

Another World, Another Body

For us to experience multidimensional perception, we would have to go beyond the limits of our rational mind and tap into a higher mind that is capable of perceiving higher dimensions. As you dismiss and disqualify this as irrational nonsense, realize that you are behaving exactly like the ant. The ant may not even be capable of considering the possibility of a higher dimension, but this is something we can do as humans. And if we are still stupid enough to dismiss the possibility, perhaps we deserve nothing more than to be squatted and brushed off like an ant.

Some people may have magical thinking and assume or wish that when they die their consciousness will be liberated and they will automatically become part of the higher dimension. That may be true, but it is likely not. That kind of a jump in Consciousness, if it were magical, there is no reason it should be limited to the after-life. That kind of jump requires an effort to break out of our current beliefs and limitations. If we are too attached to our 3-d perception, there is no reason we would let that go once we die.

The other possibility is that we are transitioning from one level of Consciousness to the next with death — like a baby being born: it dies in the water-world of the womb and comes to life in the air-world on Earth. Perhaps what happens at death is a transition from the air-world to a light-world. Since this is going into speculation I will suspend this line here and leave it to you to ponder deeper.

I do believe that the next level of reality is a light-based reality. Not just on a whim. This has been experienced by many people, and myself too. There are higher-dimensional bodies that breathe light and perceive in 4 and more dimensions, depending on the body you are inhabiting. Just as this body is capable of perceiving 3 dimensions and an ant’s body is capable of perceiving 2 dimensions. Bodies at different levels of reality/consciousness are capable of perceiving different number of dimensions.

But this is not restricted to death / after-life. We can enter higher-dimensional bodies with the proper training of our Consciousness. And there are specific systems and methods that enable us to do this. What we can imagine now is that when we look at the Earth from those higher bodies, what we will see is neither a plane nor a sphere.

The Earth is Flat And Spherical

Relativity plays a very important role in perception. Once we start understanding that dimensionality creates relative perception of space, we will understand that while we are on Earth, as humans, we can still only perceive it 2-dimensionally. We cannot actually see the sphere until we literally elevate to a higher dimension of height physically. We can hypothesize a 3-dimensional sphere and deduce it based on observations, but we cannot see it or experience it without going to a higher dimension.

And seeing it as a sphere doesn’t make it a sphere. It’s just perception. Because remember that in 4-dimensions it looks entirely different to 2-d and 3-d. This is why it is accurate to say that the Earth is Flat And Spherical, and also Pointed and Undefinable.

The Union Mind

Our default mind has been programmed by culture to think in polemic ways. It thinks in OR mostly. Things are either good or evil, light or dark, happy or sad, pleasant or uncomfortable, flat or spherical. There is another state of mind, a higher state, in which we can experience the union of seemingly opposing ideas. The AND or Union mind is also the Yoga mind, because this is the original meaning of Yoga: Union (unlike the debauchery practiced in poses today).

The Yogic mind allows for all experiences to exist simultaneously because it can experience a spectrum of Consciousness in the same instant as opposed to the lower mind which can only experience a slice at a time. Until one has experienced this level of mind, all talks about Consciousness are incomplete. On experiencing this mind, it becomes important to learn a new language, one that relates to the higher mind and can allow for translation between the higher and lower mind. This language also helps to understand the limitations and blindspots of the lower mind.

This Yogic mind is what can help us see the Earth as simultaneously pointed, flat, spherical, and also reveals what remains a mystery to the lower-dimensional mind. This mind can see in higher dimensions and with the proper language it can translate this experience of the higher-logical mind. Mathematicians such as Ouspensky were able to comprehend and express this as far back as the early 1900s in a language that appeals to the reason of the rational mind; while Yogis and mystics have been sharing their views on these topics for millennia, albeit in a mystical language that may not appeal to the rationalists today.

When you think that the Earth is either flat OR spherical,
you are perceiving either 2-dimensionally or 3-dimensionally,
but you are thinking 1-dimensionally

To think multidimensionally is to hold several views together and consider their reality simultaneously rather than exclusively. The reality of one dimension of Consciousness doesn’t negate the reality of other dimensions. The reality of a higher dimension doesn’t make the lower dimensional reality illusory. It is just a different perspective and both are equally real for the beings of those dimensions.

Our reality doesn’t negate the ant’s reality. It just differs from the ant’s reality. While a lower-dimensional human mind and an ant can exclusively perceive different shapes of the Earth, a higher-dimensional mind can perceive multiple shapes at once. It can take into account multiple levels of reality in a single instant, even though that might be incomprehensible to our tiny mind.

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