The dangers of titles and labels

If the labels associated with an author bear significance on the content expressed, such content will never touch the soul because it has been tampered by the mind and perverted to an interpretation based on idolization or hatred

When someone emphasizes their message with a label such as doctor, lawyer, banker, scientist, etc. people turn off an important part of their mind called judgment. The same can happen if someone is religious and a message is endorsed by a guru, pastor, or other religious authority. And the same can also happen in contradiction when a person you hate is speaking sense — the rebel invalidates the message before it can be judged for its real value.

The authors name and about section should ideally be a follow-up to a message. But disqualifying or emphasizing a message because it has a label attached to it, must be the greatest psychological sickness of humans.

This is the reason we pay thousands and millions for rocks that are valued to be extraordinary based on social norms, and mindlessly flip through information that has the power to change our reality.

When you start using your mind, you can find treasure in a heap of garbage and stop wasting your resources on things that have no real value.

This does not mean believe or doubt everything you see and hear. It is the opposite. Use your mind, heart, body, and all your intelligences, to assess any information that is incoming and outgoing. No matter who is saying it. No matter how many people are saying it. And where possible, add your own experience to the mix before you outright believe something. And if your intelligences fail to assess the validity of the information, your trust and faith should have equal importance as the authority of the speaker. Not the conditioned sense of trust and faith in an outsider. Trust in yourself to handle the outcome and faith that you will get what you need out of this.

We have seen the dangers of blind faith, not only in religious and spiritual leaders, but also in doctors and scientists. Each of these people behind the label is a product of their unconscious. And that unconscious, unless healed and balanced through rigorous and delicate effort, will show up in a way that ends up hurting others at some point. And the victim who did not use their intelligence have no one to blame but themselves.

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