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Paraphrasing an analogy from Carlos Castaneda:
Our life is spent in one room in the dark basement of a house. We are so trapped in this room that we are not even aware we are in the room, or that there is anything beyond the room. If somehow momentarily we happen to leave the room, our fears are so intense that we scream and howl to be put back into the room. If we choose to leave the room voluntarily or happen to find a way out, we see that the room is in a house, and seeing that it is a massive house with a seemingly endless number of rooms we get so excited that most of us just go into the next room and spend the rest of the life there. At most a person may explore 3 rooms, most people don’t have the capacity to go beyond that.

This is the depth of life most people experience, they are on the same level their whole life and may happen to experience a few different rooms on that level. The purpose of this training of consciousness is to get out of the house completely. Until the desire for freedom doesn’t reach this intensity, there is no hope to be free or even have the minimal experience of freedom.

Once this intensity has been activated, a being then takes on a whole different attitude and approach to exploring all the different rooms and levels that are in the house. Once satisfied with the exploration; once enough treasures have been mined; once the being feels prepared for the upcoming voyage; they are ready to fly off to infinity, to finally experience the magic of reality.

Our experience called “The Conscious Prison Experiment” is designed to take people on a journey where they first recognize the level to which they are trapped in this room or prison. Then learn tools and techniques to explore the different rooms and levels in this prison. And finally gather enough power and resources to transform the prison to a palace where they are free to enter and leave as they desire.

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