Ti0 & The Faceless Beings

The story behind the names

In this short post, we share some of the story about the architects of this space.


Ti0 is a name and personality of choice. I came to choose this after letting go of the name and personality that was given to me by the world. After this letting go, I was left in a void space, and I realized that I can go by the cultural definition of enlightenment and “become nothing”, or I can choose something different. In this I found the secret choice — the middle choice. A personality of choice. A name of my choosing. I chose freedom — the freedom to be anything and nothing.

So who do I want to be?

Finding this middle choice was a gift, and I wanted to embrace this. Being in the middle represents balance — the letter T is my representation of balance. I want to be infinite — I represents the infinite and eternal mystery of consciousness and self. 0 — zero — wholeness — emptiness: 0 represents the paradox of life, it represents the ultimate liberation of choice. The choice “not to choose” the polarities of the paradox — the choice to be in the center of the paradox — and the freedom to choose and change choices along the spectrums of countless polarities.

When you have gone beyond all concepts of the mind, including the “scariest” of those including god, devil, life, death, chaos, and the worst of all: control and order… you are left with nothing — zero. At this point, you are free not to choose anything. And you are also free to choose something and return to nothing at any time.

You are free to choose whether you want to feel whole or hole. You are free to choose if you want to fill this hole with a concept like god, or to feel the wholeness of being empty. And from this paradox of holeness and wholeness, emerged The Infinite zer0 — Ti0.

I have also shared my experience in the vodcast episode Becoming Ti0.

The Faceless Beings

A collective of beings who know and recognize themselves and others beyond the superficial appearances and identities. We are beings who found ourselves in essence — what we describe as the subtlest layer of experiencing the self — beyond all identities. And in this we have the freedom to take on any identity we choose — to be actors.

This is a way of experiencing consciousness that goes beyond the so-called spiritual paradigm of “being an observer”. It is a level of experiencing consciousness in which you are not permanently attached to the character, nor to any concept — and so you can fully attach to a character or concept knowing that when the time comes you can let it go. This does not mean that being an observer doesn’t have value — the value is in learning to simultaneously be in or switch between states such as witness, actor, director, animator, or a vehicle who allows another to act and experience life for a moment. This is what we call Comadism or Consciousness Nomadism. A fluid state of consciousness.

Why do I choose to work with The Faceless Beings?

As Ti0, I choose to work with these beings for the same reason I believe they choose to work with me. Our intentions and our methods are in alignment. Our primary focus is on the content, the information, the message, and most importantly, direct experience over belief, dogma, and ritual.

Rather than getting lost in the story of the person who is delivering the message, rather than giving importance to the messenger, our focus is only on the message. And these beings are constantly challenging us to not enter the default automatic habit of accepting or rejecting a message based on delivery by a particular messenger.

There is a constant reminder to wake up and understand every message, not to take anything for granted, not to make assumptions, not to add our own programmed narratives on top of the information provided. While these may prove extremely challenging and we will likely fail, at least the intention of these beings, in my opinion, is to help us to overcome these automatic behaviors.

They may use a variety of methods for this, including giving pertinent information, and also sometimes tricking us into obvious traps, not to harm us, but to challenge us to wake up and find our way out using our power, creativity, and resourcefulness.

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