I0ns is an abbreviation for Infinite Zer0 nuggets. The I0ns project has been created to support the development of the I0ns community and The Infinite Zero Experience Center.

I0ns are a medium of exchange or “currency” for the I0ns community and everything related to The Infinite Zero Experience Center and The Plateau of Consciousness. This post describes the basic aspects of what I0ns represent, stay tuned to subsequent posts in this series which will provide more detail about this project.

A Brief History

These tokens called I0ns are derived from nothing. But that does not mean they have no value. The value of any currency depends on “what it is backed by”. Traditionally currency was backed by physical assets or precious resources such as gold or oil. In the last century, currencies were changed to be backed by abstractions such as governments that made a promise of value, and the value was based on peoples’ belief in this government, its stability and ability to uphold the promises that it made.

More recently, in the last decade, the world was introduced to another abstraction that become popularly known as cryptocurrency that are governed by computer algorithms. These algorithms generate currency tokens, just like governments print or mint rupees, euros, dollars, etc.. The generation of these tokens is dictated by concepts called proof-of-work and proof-of-stake.

Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency at the time of writing, uses an algorithm for generating or “mining” tokens based on proof-of-work performed by machines. Proof-of-work is a commonly adopted concept by several other cryptocurrency generation algorithms. Other algorithms use a concept called proof-of-stake, where tokens are mined based on the existing value of tokens or “stake” held in a system.

I0ns: Infinite Zero nuggets or Tokens of Nothing

I0ns are an integration of all the existing concepts listed above. I0ns The generation of these tokens is based on a hybrid concept of “proof-of-work” and “proof-of-stake”. The value of I0ns is created and backed by the philosophies and ideas that are the foundation of the I0ns community and The Infinite Zero Experience Center as listed on this website.

When it comes to I0ns, we are creating a system that values work and stake, and attempts to find a balance between the two. Unlike traditional cryptocurrency systems where proof-of-work is based on computations or work performed by computers, I0ns are generated based on “human-proof-of-work“. In this system, people are rewarded for the effort they put into the development of the I0ns community, which will be explained shortly. The proof-of-stake part of the system also aims to reward the traditional concept of stake, as well as the even-more-traditional concept of stake in a community — the interest and participation of members in the development of a community. The longer a person is involved in the development of the community, the more they stand to gain from the system.

The vision powering I0ns is the creation of a community based on human-proof-of-work-and-stake

In later posts we will be describing exactly what implies work and stake, and how I0ns can be “generated”.

Why is the token named I0ns?

It was important as the project architect to choose a name that is representative of the center and community that is being created. I0ns turned out to have several significant meanings that resonated and hence was chosen as the name of the token that represents the community.

The name of our center represents our fundamental philosophy. The Infinite Zero is based on the paradoxical nature of reality, of everything arising from nothing. And so we chose to create another something from the infinite nothing – I0ns. We chose to use nuggets instead of traditional terms such as coins or tokens because nuggets are far more appropriate.

Nuggets have two dictionary definitions:

  • “a small chunk or lump of another substance”, traditionally used to define precious metals such as gold.
  • “a valuable idea or fact”

Our idea is to distribute small chunks of nothing. I0ns have no inherent or essential value. Yet, they promote the idea that we have the magical power to create value even from nothing. The initial value of I0ns is based simply on each readers’ appreciation of the ideas and philosophies elaborated on this website — ideas that emerged from my journey into and out of the endless nothing. As people hopefully see the value behind these words, the value of I0ns grows proportionately to people’s participation in the development of the I0ns community.

I0ns and ions

Another important relation is to the word ions which is most popularly used in the field of science. An ion is a charged atom or molecule. More important is the origin of the word. The word ion has it’s origins in the Greek language, where it is used to represent “going”, as in going from one place to another. It was first used by the scientist Michael Faraday when studying electricity in batteries. He discovered that metals transform when electricity flows from one electrode to another through an aqueous solution. He labeled the invisible energy particles as ions.

So essentially, the word is based on the principle of energy going or flowing from one place to another while simultaneously being transformed. This is very representative of the work we do at our center.

I0ns and 0/1

Another reason for choosing this name is the 0-1 binary system. While zero represents nothing and one represents everything or infinity, the binary system is also the basis of computing and technology. Our work in the development of consciousness is centered around an integration of nature and technology and so this adds another dimension to choosing the name I0ns. Plus software development and the underlying system of 0s and 1s has been a life-long fascination for the founder.

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