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We have divided the development of our center into several projects to conveniently express our ideas and provide different opportunities based on your interests.

Reality: A Cosmic Experience Studio

Is Reality Real? Is Reality Really just what we see, feel, hear, touch, and taste? Or is Reality more like a movie set where you can create anything you can dream of, and even experience things beyond your wildest imagination?

What if Reality was a studio where you can design and experience anything without the rules and constraints to which you are presently bound? What would you be willing to give up in your reality, to step into a whole new Reality?

We have chosen to name our experience studio Reality to signify the artificiality of people’s notion of reality. We want people to step into our studio with their definition of reality, and learn how to use their power to transform this limited perception to a limitless art of creation. 

The studio we intend to create will be a state of the art installation to host dynamic personalized curated experiences that blend nature and technology. Come experience Life: A Multidimensional Movie” with the liberated style of Consciousness Nomadism”, an experiential philosophy that can help you to free yourself from the limitations imposed by your beliefs.

We see life as a story that is unfolding simultaneously in many realities. The best approach we have found to live a dynamic multidimensional life is to have a “nomadic consciousness”. This is a way of detaching from the archaic idea of having a static and rigid belief system. We use this approach to dynamically choose the most appropriate tools, resources, and beliefs based on the present situation. This nomadic way of consciousness enables us to explore any and all belief systems and choose the elements that resonate personally. This style of experiential research allows the growth of knowledge and movement towards freedom of consciousness. Browse our series on Consciousness Nomadism in our journal.

This experience studio will evolve from a meeting of natural, engineering, architectural, and technological expertise – a space to host a specially designed mixed reality platform which enables the experience director to create live dynamic journeys for the participants. With real-time automated and manual customization of the experiences, we are creating a revolutionary way to navigate consciousness and journeys into the unknown.

The studio will incorporate existing as well as custom designed technology to take the voyagers into different realms and dimensions of consciousness. The types of technology include virtual reality and mixed reality systems, biofeedback, mind machines, frequency modulators, resonance inducers, and other innovations that are made available with time.

The Plateau of Consciousness:
A Natural Sanctuary

The natural elements are bridges from the outer world to our inner world.

With the funds gathered from this project, we envision building a natural reserve where comads from all over the world can come and explore the infinite realms of consciousness through Nature and all we have to offer.

Our vision will materialize into paradisaical natural spaces where people get to experience the richness of the jungle. Spaces where people can connect with nature without being overwhelmed by its raw power – until they are ready for it…

We aim to create a self-sustainable space. A paradise rich in natural resources that helps us bring balance to our mind, body, heart, and consciousness as we return the favor and maintain the natural balance by using renewable resources and sustainable methods that are in harmony with the environment.

Why "The Plateau Of Consciousness"?

Parallel to Silicon Valley which has come to represent the ever-growing aspiration for the “Peak” experience of life, The Plateau of Consciousness represents our venture into the realm of balance which provides an endless arena for exploration through Nature.

In the realm of consciousness, valleys and peaks represent the opposing forces of duality. These eternal forces — manifesting in ideas such as good and evil, up and down, ascensions and falls — polarize people into absolutes. While they seem appealing at the beginning, they become limiting and boring after a while — which leads to further seeking of different peaks.

The plateau signifies balance and the vast infinitude between extremes — a baseline from which we can explore the endless peaks and valleys of consciousness, without losing our self in them. The Infinite Zero is a way to represent this paradox.

People are afraid of the word plateau because they associate it with boredom — it’s not quite as exciting as the counterparts available in the market.

Without a stable operating baseline, peak experiences cycle into deeper valleys that we keep attempting to escape by seeking higher peaks. This endless loop leads to a breaking point of no return.

Paradoxes trap us if we are unable to see them for what they are.

The plateau, while seemingly dull, can become a platform for endless creation — for those who have the patience to learn. This middle ground opens the door to explore the extremes of duality and unite them. Such a life is free of mechanical cycles and patterns by keeping balance.

Nature is the best known representation of the plateau — complete with peaks and valleys, creation and destruction, order and chaos, complexly simple — a truly infinite canvas.

By connecting with nature, we have an opportunity to engage the enigma of life in the most beautiful and exciting ways.

The elements of Nature are bridges
from the outer world to our inner worlds

The Infinite Zero Experience Center

Our vision for this center is to bring together people from different walks of life with the intention of developing a balanced liberated multidimensional consciousness. The short term vision described above is to create an experience studio in a natural sanctuary. Below we describe our long term vision and the ultimate project we wish to realize.

We envision building a (beyond-this-)world-class research center that is dedicated to the advancement of consciousness. A place that employs researchers from different fields of study — people who are committed to learning a new paradigm of exploring the universe and consciousness. We want to work with beings that are excited to develop their consciousness in a way that is free of dogma and artificial constraints that limit their potential. We are not looking to work with excellent minds, we want to work with par-excellent integrated beings who know how to use their body, mind, heart, and consciousness in harmony and balance with the world beyond themselves.

If these ideas resonate with you, we ask that you help us bring to life our visions of The Plateau Of Consciousness, The Reality Studio, and The Infinite Zero Experience Center. In the coming articles we explain how you can simultaneously benefit by sponsoring our projects.

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