Welcome to Panda Land

Activate Infinite Awesomeness

What is Panda Land?

They asked, brimming with curiosity and a touch of excitement.

Only the Awesomest space you have ever found.

A space of such pure awesomeness, that you might even get a bit overwhelmed.

That’s ok. An overwhelm of awesomeness is just the thing you need right now.

Panda Land is a Sacred Space, dedicated to celebrate life, celebrate you, and celebrate all that is awesome and sacred in the world.

There is only one condition to welcome you: Deep within You truly believe  You are Awesome.

Discover who you are and choose who you want to become and be.
(Hint: Your Awesomest Self is the only right answer).

What You Receive In Panda Land

Dare to experience Infinite Awesomeness?

Not sure if you are awesome enough? Read on to learn more...

What does Panda Land look like?

They asked, intrigued to become part of the awesomeness.

Panda Land is currently hosted in the virtual world on the Telegram app — similar to Whatsapp, with an extra dose of awesome, available on all platforms and devices.

You will receive a link to join when you fill out the form.

But before that, I see you have another question…

What is the Pandahood?

The Pandahood is neither a brotherhood, nor a sisterhood.

It’s a space for all who are Awesome.

Here you will meet people who practice the way of the Panda, embracing your own uniqueness and the power of your most Awesome Self, to fulfill your destiny and role in the world.

We are not “warriors”, not even “warriors of Peace” (whatever that is supposed to mean 🤷). We do not stand for anything. We do not fight for anything. We do not fight. This is not an escape, nor a resistance, nor a rebellion.

This is the way of Peace.
Finding harmony within.
Creating harmony in everything.
We are creators.
We create from love and joy, from power and peace.

We practice the depth of lightness, bringing humor and dumplings to everything that is serious and heavy.

This is an art, a way of life.
This is the way of Panda Land.

Kung Fu is not about the fight.
Yoga is not about the postures.
These arts are doors to love, joy, happiness, and laughter.
These arts are the keys to life and creation.

This is the way of the Panda 🐼

If you are awesome enough to be this awesome…