The Portal

Manifest The Superconscious

The Superconscious level is everything beyond the conscious awareness of the mind —
the level at which magic happens.

What is The Portal?

A unique experience designed for you to go beyond your mind and activate deeper levels of your soul.

You are here to receive the energetic frequencies which carry you beyond into Superconsciousness and fully activate your hidden potentials and gifts.

Transcend Your Mind
Activate Your Soul

The Mechanics of Superconsciousness

We are here to activate particular divine frequencies in unison to manifest the Superconscious reality on Earth.

These frequencies ground into the collective human consciousness through The Portal, which channels the energy into you and all the souls in the network.

The energy manifested grows as the network grows. Come join us in evolving your individual and our collective consciousness.

What it takes? What it gives?

This activation transpires for those who have prepared their mind and body for the transformation.

You have done the inner work that gets you as far as you can take yourself. The Portal carries you to the levels beyond.

At this stage, your work is to let the Superconscious work on you and through you. The words “Surrender” and “Let go” will come up more often than you may like.

Not doing becomes the doing

Beyond Meditation

This is an activation

Meditation takes you to higher states and the bliss of unity consciousness. The Portal brings the Superconscious to you, grounding and manifesting these higher states into your body, in every aspect and moment of your life.

Beliefs, rituals, and objects keep you at the limits of the mind. The Portal helps you transcend psychic attachments to reach Superconsciousness.

The Network and The Incubator

The Portal will channel through an energetic network of 369 hand-picked soul-full leaders who are meant to manifest these particular frequencies on Earth.

The Incubator is created for members to integrate the energy coming through The Portal and to connect with each other.

Receive expert guidance on your consciousness journey as you tune up your soul with Superconscious frequencies.

Your membership includes access for 3 / 6 / 12 months. You can rejoin the Incubator at any time after the initial access period, as many times as you desire.

Sponsor The Brainforest To Join Us

Join The Portal Network by sponsoring The Brainforest Fund and contribute directly to protecting and restoring nature to its glorious state.

The Brainforest Foundation is dedicated to protecting and restoring the Atlantic rainforest in Brazil and for the development of spaces for Self & Spiritual Mastery and the Superconscious transformation.


$ 96310 Lifetime
  • Private Coaching
  • 36 Spots Reserved
  • 1 Year Incubator Access


$ 9631 Yearly
  • Complete in 10 Payments
  • 111 Spots Reserved
  • 6 Months Incubator Access


$ 963 Monthly
  • Complete in 100 Payments
  • 222 Spots Reserved
  • 3 Months Incubator Access
    For First 30 Members

A Sacred Invitation To
Gods, Quings, and Beings
Transforming Reality At All Levels

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