I0ns are Infinite Zero nuggets. Purchasing I0ns is a way to help raise funds for The Infinite Zero Experience Center. I0ns can be exchanged for products offered on our site or traded on the upcoming I0ns Exchange. 

  • I0ns can only be purchased with cryptocurrency at this moment. 
  • The currency switcher is provided only as a convenience to display the rate in the currency of your choice. 

  • We use the cryptocurrency USDC as the base for calculating the I0ns exchange rate. USDC is a stable rate crypto-currency which is always equivalent to 1 US Dollar.

  • Depending on the currency you choose, the price at the time of transfer may differ from the price shown below. The exact exchange price will be stated at the time you make the transfer.

Please enter the number of I0ns you would like to acquire.

Price per item


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