Reality: A Cosmic Experience Studio

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Is Reality Real? Is Reality Really just what we see, feel, hear, touch, and taste? Or is Reality more like a movie set where you can create anything you can dream of, and even experience things beyond your wildest imagination?

What if Reality was a studio where you can design and experience anything without the rules and constraints to which you are presently bound? What would you be willing to give up in your reality, to step into a whole new Reality?

We have chosen to name our experience studio Reality to signify the artificiality represented by the word Reality. We want people to step into our studio with their definition of reality, and step out with this definition transformed to a limitless art of creation. The experiences will be designed to transform the perception of reality to a studio for Life where you are free to explore and create in a truly infinite manner.

The studio we intend to create will be a state of the art installation to host dynamic personalized curated experiences that blend nature and technology. The experiences are set around the theme of “Life: A Multidimensional Movie”. The experiential philosophy we use in our experiences is termed “Consciousness Nomadism”. The purpose is to develop a liberated multidimensional consciousness.

We see life as a story that is unfolding simultaneously in many realities. The best approach we have found to live a dynamic multidimensional life is to have a “nomadic consciousness”. This is a way of detaching from the archaic idea of having a static and rigid belief system. We use this approach to dynamically choose the most appropriate tools, resources, and beliefs based on the present situation. This nomadic way of consciousness enables us to explore any and all belief systems and choose the elements that resonate personally. We are free to use any and all tools when we choose rather than being compelled by illusory rules. This liberated style of experiential research allows the growth of knowledge with the freedom of consciousness. Browse our series on Consciousness Nomadism in our journal.

This experience studio will evolve from a meeting of natural, engineering, architectural, and technological expertise – a space to host a specially designed mixed reality platform which enables the experience director to create live dynamic journeys for the participants. The biggest limitation of technological experiences today is a lack of feedback to the system. Using sensory feedback will allow real-time automated and manual customization of the experiences. This is a revolutionary way to navigate consciousness and perhaps the most appropriate way to approach journeys into the unknown.

The studio will incorporate existing as well as custom designed technology to take the voyagers into different realms of consciousness. The types of technology include VR/XR systems, biofeedback, mind machines, frequency modulators, vibratory stimulators and other innovations that are made available with time.

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