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Reality Consulting

Whether you are looking to unravel the multiple subtle dimensions of an experience, or integrating the knowledge in your everyday life in creative and effective ways, we are skilled in helping people look beyond the obvious. We can help you to create bridges between visions and reality, or discover the hidden & disguised gifts from past experience to expand your present & future "real" estate...

Consciousness Development

We host facilitated journeys to explore the unknown within and beyond yourself. Explore multidimensionality, personal & collective shadow, and more through creative guided experiences... Experiences are available in individual and group settings. We encourage you to participate in a group experience as it helps tremendously to learn from others...

Community of Individuals

If you are interested in exploring your individuality in the supporting presence of other individuals who are centered and present in a space beyond labels, join us in the Comadism lounge. Learn about Consciousness Nomadism and interact with people in facilitated spaces that encourage healthy communication and growth. We are also open to facilitators looking to expand their expertise and provide their services...

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Introductory Call

Introduce yourself in a short meet and greet, and get to know a few bits about us

Personal Session

A guided session to explore the unknown within and beyond yourself

Group Experience

A thematic journey for up to 8 people to explore themselves and learn from each other

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This is a preview of some of the themes and experiences we explore with participants. We have many more “surprise” experiences to help you go into the unknown.

Experience levels listed below are based on your prior experience with consciousness exploration and your inner stability. We will gauge your readiness for an experience during the introductory consultation and determine which experience is best suited for you. We start slow and adjust dynamically based on how you respond.

A World Beyond Words
Experience Level: 1

This is the foundational experience designed to illuminate the power of the illusion created by words. Once we become aware of the extent that words obscure reality, we can open the door to a whole new world… and more…

The Conscious Prison Experiment
Experience Level: 1, 2

As much as we like to believe we are free, we are caught in the incomprehensible web of our personalities, beliefs, and limitations. We propose that Consciousness is the key to transform this prison and free ourselves eventually..

The Art of Imperfection
Experience Level: 2

There is an unbelievably strong emphasis on the need for perfection and control in our world. Consider stopping for a moment. Question this obsession.

And you may find yourself on a completely different journey…

Human: The Unknowable Experience
Experience Level: 3

To “be human” has an endless number of definitions, each based on various assumptions. What is human if we strip away these arbitrary definitions? How can we even be sure that we are human? Or something entirely different?

The Unconditioned Mind: An Experience Beyond Logic
Experience Level: 3

Conditioning and reprogramming the mind is all the buzz at the moment. Finding ways to change your programs is considered the pinnacle of mind science. 

But what is the mind experience when it is not limited by programs and conditions — “good” or “bad”? 

Is logic really worth all the hype???

The Depersonalization Experience
Experience Level: 4+

What is life beyond your persona? Are you still you if you are no longer “in you”? Can you be something other than you?

What is waiting for you out there?

Who knows what is possible when you are no longer just you… 

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