We offer carefully curated personalized online training with original content and methods to help you explore, empower, and transform your Self. The highlight of all our training programs is that they are offered with live online integration sessions that will help to personalize the content to your unique needs and provide you with guidance to apply the methods in any life situation. 

We offer short-term training for those who want to learn, dive deep, and get a taste of our methods, as well as long-term training for those who are ready for a deeper commitment to their transformation and growth. We accept people at all levels of their development, including skeptics and cynics who are curious.

Our primary focus in everything is Consciousness Development. You can learn more about the intention, approach, and methods we use at our virtual school.

Amplify Your Impact

This private training is designed specifically for people who are already making an impact in the world, including leaders, teachers, therapists, coaches, healers; who want to amplify the quality and depth of their impact by developing their own Consciousness to higher levels. This is a deep impact training designed for people who are prepared and ready for intensive transformation. 

Empowering Yourself & Others

Our 8-week intensive personalized training with 8 online integration calls will give you plenty of information and practice to learn about disempowering mindsets and patterns of behavior, as well as tools to transform these patterns to become someone who is self-empowered and able to empower others without unconsciously enabling disempowering behaviors and attitudes. The page below includes more details including who is best suited to benefit from it and the potential lessons that you can learn while participating.

Study of Self

This training is designed for people who want to make a long-term commitment to explore, transform, and grow in every aspect of their Consciousness. Available as a 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscription in which participants come together in weekly integration calls to practice and learn the various methods including Study of Self, Unschooling the Unconscious, Consciousness Nomadism, The Fourth Way, and more.

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Gift Yourself With Insight & Empowerment

Rather than give you a “free gift for signing up”, such as a pointless 10-point ebook full of drivel, or a podcast episode that is already freely available, we prefer to encourage you to gift yourself with something of real value. 

Our content and courses are packed with insight, tools, and guidance to help you explore the depths of Reality and evolve through the endless levels of Consciousness. This may seem like a tall promise — rather than believe us, come try it out for yourself. And if you are disappointed, we will help you transform that too…

An Ideal Experience When You Are Ready For Adventure
An Ideal Experience When You Are Ready For Adventure