The Infinite Zero Experience

Amplify Your Impact

A Personalized Training For
Consciousness Development

Designed for leaders, therapists, coaches, Teachers, and high-impact practitioners to
amplify the depth and quality of your impact

Beyond mind, heart, and body
Consciousness is the ultimate frontier

Break Through
Go Beyond

We offer this personalized training for people who are prepared, ready, and committed to develop higher levels of Consciousness and amplify the quality and depth of your impact beyond the conceivable — to go beyond your mind and imagination.
With an attitude of curiosity, playfulness, and openness., we will work on building a solid foundation for infinite growth. 

Open up the opportunity to cut through the layers that obscure reality. Break through the invisible blocks and go beyond the apparent reality. Dig in to discover the material that makes you what you are and use your power to transform You and your Self.

The primary focus of our training is balanced transformation
 to be You and integrate your Self.

We teach you to unify power and compassion 
to amplify your impact and self-love.

We teach self-fullness and interdependence:
ways to be empowered while empowering others.

A full-spectrum teaching for Consciousness Development
integrating psychology, mysticism, and you.

There are neither quick-fixes nor guarantees, and there is only one “miracle” — You + Your Power. The potential to develop exists within each of us. If we are a good fit for each other, we can help you developer deeper levels of Consciousness when you train with us.

Expectations can be tricky, and we use them along with disappointment as a tool to help you go beyond your invisible blocks. On the other hand, when you are ready, it is common to go beyond the limits of your imagination, a place that is inconceivable, far beyond your mental grasp and beyond your exaggerated expectations of what you can be and become.

This is beyond the usual. 
Expect to be disappointed. 
Expect to be surprised.

Levels of Readiness

We understand that people are at different stages on their journey and have different needs. All our work is deep, how deep you can go depends on your readiness to explore and transform. We offer multiple levels which will be further personalized as required. 

Note: this page focuses on private training, you can also view our trainings for personalized work with individuals in groups.

Deep Insight​

When you feel ready to explore your “inner real estate”, to understand what is blocking you, to discover the scripts you are playing out unconsciously, and how you limit yourself to the identity given to you by the world.

Intensive Transformation

When you are ready to transform your Self by opening unconscious blockages and transforming patterns that keep you imprisoned in your own personality. 

We go beyond the Deep Insight level to guide you in shifting beliefs, patterns, perspectives, and mindsets that keep you looping in undesirable ways.

The Infinite Zero Experience

When you are ready to let go all attachments and see beyond all layers obscuring Reality, You, and Your Self.
Enter the highest levels of clarity, insight, and intuition, balanced with practical ways to materialize higher consciousness, to make the greatest impact on the world around you.

Peer Through A Mirror Unlike Any Other
See You In The Universe
See Reality In Your Self

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Gift Yourself With Insight & Empowerment

Rather than give you a “free gift for signing up”, such as a pointless 10-point ebook full of drivel, or a podcast episode that is already freely available, we prefer to encourage you to gift yourself with something of real value. 

Our content and courses are packed with insight, tools, and guidance to help you explore the depths of Reality and evolve through the endless levels of Consciousness. This may seem like a tall promise — rather than believe us, come try it out for yourself. And if you are disappointed, we will help you transform that too…

An Ideal Experience When You Are Ready For Adventure
An Ideal Experience When You Are Ready For Adventure