Magnetic Leadership

Align The World To Your Tone

A Personalized Training
for Founders, Executives, 
 Coaches & Teachers

A personalized training for people who are ready and committed to amplify the quality and depth of your impact beyond the present limits of your mind and imagination.

When excellence becomes mundane, go beyond.

The primary focus of our training is balanced transformation and integration of polarities and divisions within:

You and your Self

Unify power and compassion 
to amplify your impact and self-love.

Learn self-fullness and interdependence:
ways to be empowered while empowering others.

A full-spectrum teaching for Consciousness Development
integrating Psychology, Mysticism, You and your Self.

A Full Spectrum Training

Our training integrates ancient methods for consciousness development with valuable modern findings with a focus on application in everyday life, forming the perfect balance for a practical mystical approach.

Developing higher levels of consciousness is not just an intellectual pursuit, it requires deep healing and transformation at every level of our being and personality. This process is guided and facilitated with careful attention and care to ensure a profound and safe experience for every participant. You can learn more about the facilitator guiding this experience below.

Four-Way Approach

We work on four aspects to  overcome challenges, heal, transform, and uplevel from wherever you are in your journey. 


We work together to set the vision for the next phase. Whether you need more clarity or refinement, or to amplify your vision to the level beyond what you consider possible, we will co-create a Life that will excite and inspire you.


We explore the circumstances, relationships, and external factors that define your Life, and we together we work on shifting mindsets, habits, behaviors, and other factors that will directly have a Life-changing impact.

Life-changing sounds great and many are seeking something that will change their life, and you are immensely happy when you find something life-changing. Do you think it is enough? 

My answer: No! We have barely scratched the surface. When working together, I spend minimal time on the Life aspect. That is external and that is a result of the next two factors: Self and You. 

When we work on these inner aspects, we transform from the inside-out, and life changes automatically. Things fall in place effortlessly, almost like magic — but it’s not, it is a result of the effort of working on You and Your Self.


The Self is your interface with the world. It is everything you have taken from the world. The Self is the Personality that has been shaped by the world and your life experiences, and everything you show the world as your persona. Working on this level we start separating from our personality to transform it. Which brings us to...


That which is experiencing Life, That which has a Self or Personality, that which is Conscious — You. Not even the Soul, it is the essence, the seed of the soul, the form from which everything that is "Yours" originates. When we work at this level, we transform everything that emerges from You. This is your being, this is the deepest level of authenticity.

When you separate from your Self, you realize You. You become a pure You. And from this place, You can see that your Self is just a result constructed from Life experiences.

Your Self is a reflection of your family, your culture, your country, the world. And so there is a deep acceptance for this Self, that is no longer You. Any “defects” in the Self are not a reflection of You.

Instead of coming from a place of shame and rejection of Self, we work on You and Your Self from a place of complete acceptance. 

Levels of Development

How will this training transform
your experience of I, Life, and Self?

That all depends on your level of preparation and readiness. It’s important to note that what you think and believe to be your level may differ from your real level. It is normal for people to choose arbitrary metrics to measure their level and base their self-image on these arbitrary metrics. 

We describe distinct and clear levels of consciousness development which are listed below. Your training will be personalized based on your present level of consciousness.

The depth and quality of your impact is always limited by the level of your consciousness. Refine your consciousness and you will amplify the depth and quality of your impact.

The levels outlined below are neither distinct nor exclusive. The levels are along a spectrum, AND each level is a spectrum itself. Each grade of the spectrum opens up a higher degree of you (consciousness), your self (personality), the world (the intellectual overlay commonly called the “illusion” or the “matrix”) and reality.

It is completely acceptable to be satisfied with any level of consciousness. There is no obligation to go through all levels listed below just because you started the journey. You can jump in and pause at any point in this game. Completion is just a story that has no relevance in this space.

Each level has a “Gatekeeper“, which is an aspect of you that will test you, challenge you, hold you back, and something you must let go to break through and go beyond your present level.

Note: this page focuses on private training, you can also view the trainings Empowering Yourself & Others, and Study of Self, which offer personalized work with individuals in groups.

Ground Zero: A Healthy Normal

The definition of normal has been so deeply distorted in our world that most people cannot differentiate a highly toxic culture from a healthy reality. What passes as normal today includes corporate slavery, codependent relationships, and a wide spectrum of abusive behavior. If you are consciously or unconsciously stuck at this level, we begin by helping you develop a healthy normal. And this becomes ground zero, the beginning of an unshakable foundation on which we can embody infinity.

The Gatekeepers Test: Discomfort

You must sacrifice your comfort

You must be at least ready to entertain the idea that what you know and believe is only there to maintain the feeling of safety in your deeply uncomfortable comfort zone. And from there you must be ready to change and overcome the blockages created by toxic stubbornness and arrogance.

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What does a healthy normal look like? An inherent feeling of safe, rested, and peaceful, inherently feeling secure in your Self, inherently feeling worthy to be alive, inherently feeling energized to engage with the world, these are just few of the fundamental shifts amongst numerous other transformations that will occur in your inner and outer experience.

Why do I repeat inherently every time? What does it mean to feel all this inherently? A lot of people believe they need to make a constant or regular effort to feel good or any of the above listed feelings. They unknowingly get into obsessive behaviors such rituals, chants, affirmations, etc. where they develop a condition in order to feel good. “I must do this first and then I will feel good.” The work we do will obviate the need for such obsessive behaviors. We will work on building this into you so that it is naturally always present, not something that needs to be programmed and maintained all the time.

Make a high quality effort once and you can rest easy later, or you can continue making low quality effort all the time and never feel at rest and peace.


The first level beyond ordinary consciousness is when we are able to understand ordinary consciousness, and to see it in ourselves. In ordinary consciousness, we do not remember our selves, we move in life like leaves blown around in the wind. Our circumstances control our life and we simply react to whatever keeps happening. We are robots sleepwalking through life. We are unable to differentiate I from Self, me and my self are one entity.

Once we accept and recognize we are sleepwalking, we learn to remember our Self in every moment. At this level we learn to remember our Self in our everyday life. At this level we begin to distinguish I from the Self and realize the absence of a permanent I.

The Gatekeepers Test: Effort

You must sacrifice your laziness

You need to make an effort to wake up from the trance of being a circumstantial robot. To go beyond the normal requires effort, and there is no way around that. Higher levels of consciousness beyond the ordinary require an extra-ordinary effort.

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We believe we are living life where in reality we are avoiding life. We are completely unaware the degree to which we are numb and disconnected from the essential forces of life. Just being productive and achieving doesn’t mean you are alive. Machines are highly productive, but they are not alive.

To live is the highest purpose of life — I say it is the only purpose of life. People come up with all kinds of arbitrary mental ideas about the meaning and purpose of life, yet they are completely disconnected from life. When you are connected to life, you are life, you get it. You don’t need to think about it, you don’t need to reason, you don’t need to guess — you get it: This is it.

This happens through awakening and remembering yourself in every moment. While that is a high ideal, there is a large spectrum and at each grade of the spectrum a higher degree of consciousness and reality opens up.

Objective Self-Perception

Once we can remember our Self, we learn to look at our Self. At this level we begin unveiling the illusions and stories we have about the Self and our Self. We go beyond the narcissism we have at the species level, we go out of the bubble we have been living in our entire lives. 

We go out of the bubble to get a better view of the bubble — to see the reality of the bubble. At this level we can truly start connecting with the “other”, where we start experiencing deep connection with our Self, our I, and others.

At this level we start creating and living from a permanent I. This I becomes the Chief that can regulate our inner world. This Chief can determine the direction in which we move, and then willfully and intentionally move in that direction.

Here and each level beyond, we have the same test over and over, at deeper levels:

The Gatekeepers Test: Attachment & Identification with Suffering

You must sacrifice your suffering

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This is the first level at which we can start talking about real freedom. Not complete freedom, just a higher degree of freedom. Not just an ideal or fantasy or arbitrary definition of freedom given to you, but real freedom you gain by becoming free of your Self.

We go deeper into the ways in which we are leaking energy and avoiding life. We start saving energy so we can experience higher emotions. We work on the conditions that keep us from unconditional states of higher emotions such as bliss, joy, peace, compassion, and love. It is not just a desire or idea, we struggle and make effort to overcome the conditions that keep us disconnected from this state. 

And in this comes the demand to sacrifice our greatest possession — our suffering. We are addicted to suffering, and letting go this addiction requires us to go beyond our Self and our beliefs that keep us stuck in suffering.

Objective Perception

When we have learned to see our bubble and transform it, we are now ready to look around and see what is beyond the bubble. We are able to see without the filter of our bubble and at this level we start developing an understanding by seeing life and reality directly.

By seeing directly we no longer need to think, guess, reason — we know by interfacing directly with reality. 

The Gatekeepers Test: Attachment & Identification with Illusions

You must sacrifice your illusions

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As we continue developing, we gain access to yet higher degrees of freedom as we become free of the limits imposed by our beliefs and conditioning. 

The price of living in this state is to let go of the illusions that obscure the reality. We gain greater clarity by interfacing directly with the reality of the world. We can look beneath and beyond the appearances.

At this level we begin to develop the higher intellectual center where we have access to “the genius zone”. We begin to receive deep wisdom and insight into the nature of self, world, and reality. And as we master this level, we live in the state of wisdom and insight. We go from glimpses of genius to living in genius.

Our creativity and resourcefulness flourishes to the deepest extent and we embody power to create an empowering world.

Peer Through A Mirror Unlike Any Other
See You In The Universe
See Reality In Your Self

Beyond & Beyond The Beyond

What is beyond? It cannot be expressed in words and cannot be grasped by the mind. It is literally when we go to levels of consciousness beyond the mind, heart, body, and all we know. Language falls apart and begins to betray us because words cannot capture and only mislead us back into illusions. And still we will use conventional words to allude to the ineffable.

Beyond the Beyond we enter the mystery, the transcendental, the space beyond space, the time beyond time. Infinity & Eternity. The Unknowable. That which can only be experienced. All that becomes available as a natural state of consciousness when we develop these levels, we reach the level of transcendence. The mystical state called enlightenment — but unlike the traditional narrative of “knowing”, you go beyond knowing. 

Wisdom enlightenment is the state of Objective Perception described in the level above.

And then there is the Beyond, and Beyond The Beyond.

And to enter this level beyond levels, you must go past

The Gatekeepers Test: Attachment & Identification with Self

You must sacrifice your Self

And if you still ask, what more? If the above listed levels do not satisfy your thirst, there is always more. If you believe you have already crossed those levels, get in touch with me below because I want to learn from you! There is much beyond what is listed above. Even at those levels there is a lot more available which cannot be described and understood, it can only be experienced. 

There are neither quick-fixes nor guarantees, and there is only one “miracle” — You + Your Power. The potential to develop exists within each of us. If we are a good fit for each other, I can help you developer deeper levels of Consciousness that will amplify the depth and quality of your impact.

Expectations can be tricky, and we use them along with disappointment as a tool to help you go beyond your invisible blocks. On the other hand, when you are ready, it is common to go beyond the limits of your imagination, a place that is inconceivable, far beyond your mental grasp and beyond your exaggerated expectations of your potential — of what you can be and become.

This is beyond the usual. 
Expect to be disappointed. 
Expect to be surprised.

Meet The Showrunner


My name is Ti0, I have developed this training based on my own 8-year apprenticeship with a shamanic psychologist while working with the sacred plants ayahuasca. Coming from a professional background in software development and cyber-security, I entered an immersive training that opened up layers of reality beyond anything anyone can conceive from the world we live in. 

I have integrated my professional background in software, security, and technology, with my experiential training in consciousness, psychology, philosophy, shamanism, and mysticism, to create a method that teaches people to live in the extremely potent middle ground between all worlds.

My training is focused on materializing theory and concepts into a practical reality, and this is what creates a deep high-quality impact. We are materializing higher consciousness in this world. This is what I learned and this is what I teach. The entire training is about materializing higher concepts to create a high-quality profound reality.

You can read my bio for more information about my background, training, history, and experience. When you are ready to train you can schedule a call with me to get started or fill out the form below.

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