Empowering Yourself and Others

Live Interactive Online Training
Personalized For You

Unify Power & Compassion 
Amplify Your Impact & Self-Love

Learn To Materialize Theory Into Reality
With A Practical Action-Oriented Method

The Only Miracle Is That
You Can Actually Do It

Learn to Materialize Theory & Knowledge
We live in the age of information, but what good is all this knowledge-gathering if we lack application skills?
Receive personalized guidance to
apply theory in your everyday life.
(Watch our video below on "How is this different from Self-help?")
The Only Miracle
We are not selling quick-fixes and promises of a better life.
What you get is directly based on the effort you put in.
Magic happens when you put in the right kind of effort with the proper technique — then you heal and change your life.
(Watch our video below on "What can I get from this training in 8 weeks?")
» Unify Power & Compassion «
« Amplify Your Impact & Self-Love »
We will transform the way we see both Power & Compassion, to differentiate them from disempowering attitudes such as aggression, authoritarianism, and pity; and learn to embody evolved versions of both Power & Compassion that complement each other to Amplify Your Impact & Self-Love.
Perfect Life Or Real World?
Instead of a fantasy of the perfect life,
We teach you to deal with the real world.
Whatever you see on this page is real and possible.
All it takes is the right kind of effort combined with the proper techniques and support.
(Watch our video below on "Sacrificing The Illusion To Live In Reality")
Go From Seeker To Finder
You may not get what you think you are seeking
You will find what you are truly looking for
underneath all your desires
Above all, you will get what you really need.
(Watch our video below on "What is the aim of this training?")
Learn To Deal With Disappointment
Instead of denying your desires & controlling your expectations
Learn to deal with disappointment and
become invulnerable to suffering

(Watch our video below on "Learn to work with Expectations & Disappointment")
Parents & Family are Imperfect for a Reason
Instead of telling you that you deserve better,
We teach you to learn from what you had.
Every trauma holds a gift that is waiting to be uncovered through healing and acceptance
(Watch our video below on "Healing From The Ideal Family Illusion")
Going To The Roots
We teach people to use symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and other surface-level problems as a tool to find the underlying causes and heal them with the proper techniques.
Make Life & Time Your Allies
If you believe in the adage "Time is always against us" and feel like Life is unfair and oppressive, you can learn to enter a state where Life & Time become your allies.
Reach a level where Life is Always on your side.
Understand & Heal Escapism and Avoidance
If you feel your addictive, escapist, or avoidant tendencies are out of control, we have been there — we know the ins AND THE OUTS. Escapism & Avoidance are helping us from something far more intimidating. With help we can learn to face our greatest fears and overcome heal our avoidant behaviors.
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About The Training

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This training can help if …

  • You find yourself stuck in loops of failure / unable to achieve goals you set / giving up easily
  • You are frequently disappointed by relationships, work, life…
  • You are over-sensitive to criticism or feel easily offended by others’ behaviors
  • You get paralyzed by mistakes / failure (or thoughts about the same)
  • You find yourself imagining scenarios where others are acting aggressively towards yourself (or some other form of Catastrophic thinking)
  • You are strongly affected by injustice in the world or in the lives of people around you
  • You get triggered by entitled, oppressive behavior (or exhibit such behavior)
  • You find yourself getting angry with others often (even if you are unable to express the anger)
  • You have issues with addiction (any kind of addiction including substances, television, food, social media, gaming, etc.)

It is important to be realistic about what you can expect and gain from this 8-week training. While it is not meant to fix all your problems, you will learn many tools, skills, and resources, some are listed below:

  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Deal with rejection and disappointment
  • Disappoint others without spiraling into shame and guilt
  • Discover the specific patterns of disempowerment that are keeping you blocked
  • Develop the mindset that “Life is Always On My Side”, Life is Never against you
  • Learn to accept help while realizing “The Only Safety Net You Need Is You”
  • Transform the patterns that are present at the root of the different issues in your life
  • Reconnect with your power, creativity, and resourcefulness to face ALL the challenges of life, replacing fear and avoidance with curiosity, excitement, hope, and trust in Yourself
  • Learn to connect with others in empowering ways and find effective help 
  • Learning to be powerful enough to be hurt by others, in other words, being powerful enough to deal with the painful aspects of social interactions so you can stay open to connecting with others
  • Staying grounded and present when difficult emotions are arising overcoming the need to dissociate and escape into numbing behaviors such as substance addiction, eating and sleeping disorders, anxiety, depression, and other symptoms
There are many more skills and tools we will be learning based on particular challenges that come up in the live integration sessions. We create customize tools for each person that are particularly applicable to their beliefs, circumstances, and level of development — we work with people from various backgrounds and levels of Consciousness, from skeptics to healers, therapists and coaches, all who have benefited from participating in this training. You can view the testimonials of these participants below.

Examples of thoughts / beliefs / behaviors that are associated with the disempowered state of victimhood that can be transformed with the help of this course:

  • Finding reasons “why it won’t work”
  • I wish they would change that annoying behavior
  • I would have peace in my life if XYZ changed their behavior / habit
  • Life is unfair / everyone should be treated equally
  • People are so inconsiderate / rude / annoying
  • No matter how much I try, things don’t work out
  • I would have achieved my goals if I had more money / support
  • I would have been more ___ if my family had given me a better childhood / if my family had more money
  • Keep waiting for others to change or for others to fix the problem
These are just some examples and themes of countless other attitudes associated with the disempowered mindset. Through the training and discussions you will discover even more patterns that keep you disempowered and enable disempowerment in others.

Read the section below “About The Topic” to get an in-depth view.

  • A deep dive to understand disempowering mindsets.
  • Understanding the dynamics of “The Drama Triangle”.
  • Methods to develop your Consciousness and activate your power.
  • Understanding Victim’s Guilt.
  • Transforming the Drama Triangle and Victimhood.
  • Types of Power and Real Responsibility.
  • Integrating Power and Compassion to amplify your impact & self-love.
  • The Hero’s Journey.
  • The difference between Super-hero and Hero.
  • How to turn problems into gateways for a better life.

An important note about this course that it is only being offered to people who are ready to work in interaction with the group and the facilitator. This aspect of the course is essential and this is what creates the full impact.

If you are looking for yet another self-help course which you consume by yourself, this is not it. This course is only being offered to a maximum of 12 people at a time to ensure a high level of quality and attention to each participant.

This is not purely a do-it-yourself (DiY) course. It is more a do-it-yourself-together (DiYT) course. While each person has to make an individual effort for their own development, other core elements of this course include group-work and facilitated integration.

Group work is a vital part of this course. The course is only available to people who will participate in regular group meetings. This is for the safety and healthy progress of each person who chooses to participate.

Self-work involves the element of the shadow – it is that part we cannot see in ourselves. The group and facilitator help to mirror the shadow so we can gain more self-awareness and simultaneously improve our social relations. The facilitator also helps ensure the awakening of the shadow is done in a safe and responsible manner. This is why mutual trust and respect with the facilitator is deeply important.

This course is not here to only provide you with a toolbelt of exercises that you may take and go your own way. While the course may provide that in the long run, there is much more to it. To get the most from this course it is important to apply and practice the exercises, learn to go deep, and work with the group to have an integrative journey.

The current culture or as it is called “the age of information” stresses the idea that consuming large quantities of “knowledge” is the key to our growth and enlightenment. 

Our training is designed differently. Rather than give you an abundance of information that will be intellectualized, our focus is to help you learn to apply a small amount of precise information in practical ways to transform you and your everyday life.

The training content would take approximately 6 hours to consume if we provided it for you to rush through it in consumption mode. Instead we have structured it so you go through it at a good pace where you can balance learning and application. 

The training is structured with content and calls over a period of 8 weeks.

As it is mentioned above, the idea here is for you to do something different — rather than just consume this content and jump to the next self-help technique available, use this opportunity to really understand, apply, and integrate the information in a way that changes you. That power to change is in your hands, no one can do this for you. We can provide you the tools, structure and support you need to do this. The rest is up to you. If you are ready, the world is at your feet.

This is why we don’t give any promises or guarantees on your success. All we can assure you is that when you are ready, this course will give you a massive boost to help you empower yourself. 

I started researching and exploring consciousness over eight years ago and have been going deeper into the rabbit hole ever since. I have trained in Psychology, Shamanism, Modified States of Consciousness, Meditation, Yoga, The Fourth Way of Consciousness, the Enneagram, and more.

I have also worked with hundreds of individuals in groups from all over the world. I studied the drama triangle and victimhood through the lens of my own life and the many individuals I have worked with, understanding the complex dynamics that keep us trapped and finding a way through the maze towards becoming the “hero” of my own life. What I teach is not about reaching some final state of knowing or perfection — it is an ever-evolving practice as we keep growing, it is about developing a lifestyle where we feel empowered to deal with the endless challenges on the journey of life.

My passion is to keep exploring, learning, and sharing about the complexity and nuances of consciousness and expanding the “definition” of being human.

Learn more about Ti0.
Learn more about our school.

The course helped me see through the various traps I was caught up in since childhood and self-perpetuating even today! It’s incredible how quickly I’ve been able to change some deep rooted issues which kept me in a loop of endless suffering... ~ Ally

I underestimated the power and benefits of the group participation. It truly helped me to shift into more authentic self - something I've tried but could not succeed on my own... ~ Inna

If Anything in this course calls out to you, do yourself a favor — Listen! Answer The Call. Signup. The part of you that is suffering will be eternally grateful...

About The Topic

Based on our highly acclaimed workshops that have helped dozens of people transform their mindset and outlook on life, this training has the potential not only to change your life, it has the power to change You – from the inside out, at the most fundamental level of being human.

This training is a deep dive to Heal & Develop Your Consciousness.

The training will help you to understand the roots of many unconscious patterns of human behavior which constantly result in toxic, disempowering interactions, situations, outcomes, and experiences that create unnecessary suffering. Learn to use your power and eliminate such unrequired suffering.

In this training we will explore patterns of behavior that keep people suffering, feeling powerless, helpless, and stuck in repetitive patterns of conflict, procrastination, avoidance, and feeling like victims of circumstance and “Life”. 

We will explore divisive mindsets that split us from within, and learn to unify complementary forces such as Power & Compassion to amplify our impact & our self-love. Through uniting these parts within ourselves, we can find a deeper harmony, balance, and greater productivity to create a bigger impact in the world.

Real power empowers everyone

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Feeling powerful doesn’t mean you don’t feel like a victim. You can believe you have power and yet feel powerless deep down. You may feel powerful by disempowering others around you.

If you don’t see yourself as a victim, perhaps you have consciously or unconsciously played the role of oppressor / persecutor. You may even be an adept at playing the role of helper / savior / rescuer. The savior is perhaps one of the more challenging roles to overcome because it is highly celebrated and validated by society as something positive, although it creates a lot of unconscious negative outcomes that people don’t realize immediately. It results in a delayed suffering for everyone involved and most people cannot recognize that the savior is one of the most disempowering roles in society.

It so happens, ALL these roles are rooted in victimhood, and they usually repeat in an endless loop. And that is precisely what we are here to break.

You will learn the tools and attitudes that can help you to progress in personal situations rather than stay stuck in the “blame game”. 

You may not have realized it or acknowledged it before, because the victim mindset is normalized in our society. It’s often something people do not wish to admit because they don’t know what to do with it or how to get out of it.

In fact, this mindset is so prevalent that most people do not realize that their own behaviors and those of the people around them are perpetuating victimhood constantly. It is also very common for therapists, healers, coaches, and helpers to unconsciously play this role and become the enabler for the patient / client.

Just because you think you are helping doesn’t mean you are really helping.

Many of our cultural mechanisms enable and perpetuate the victim mindset, such that most people think “that’s just life” or “there’s nothing I can do”.

One of the main purposes of this course is to help you understand how you may be stuck in the loop of victimhood, and that it’s possible, with effort and dedication, to break out of this loop.

The course is not a promise that you’ll change your self or life instantly – that is not possible in this scenario. The drama triangle is deeply ingrained in the human psyche and it takes long-term dedicated effort, practice, and relapses to make a permanent shift out of this state of consciousness.

The course is designed to give you the information to understand victimhood, give you the first steps you can take to start becoming aware of how deeply this impacts your life, and also some steps you can take to start making changes that can improve the way you approach life and perceive the world.

Free Training Preview | Video Introduction

We developed a video series with an intention to provide a preview of key concepts that we will be learning and exploring during the training. You can watch short clips below or the full 4-part seriesWe also had a demo session which we have published in 3 parts. You can also find more short videos below in our Video FAQ & Info section.

Short Videos

Video FAQ & Info

Watch the short videos for particular questions using the toggles below OR use the button below to watch the video FAQ playlist on YouTube.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Earlier we used the word course to describe what we are offering and you may still see course used in places where we have not yet updated our site or in old blog posts and videos. We updated to use the term “training” for the following reasons:

  • A course is understood to have a set outline and structure where one comes to learn.
  • We are also not calling this a training “program”, because a program is pre-defined, it is fixed, and indicates a set routine.
  • Training indicates a dynamic, active method that includes learning and application with personalized guidance, which better reflects our approach.

Testimonials of Long-term Participants

Training Content

  • Modules and lessons listed below in the Empowering Yourself & Others Training.
  • Our content is always evolving based on new lessons we learn from our own endless inner work and working with participants and school members. So you will also get access to all new modules added to this training in the future.
  • Content is available indefinitely after purchase. Our teachings are deep and include many layers of teachings. Students find it helpful to revisit the lessons over different periods of time. This leads to discovering new insights that apply to the present level of Consciousness.
  • The training includes 8 weekly group calls for questions, integration, and support. We will start with a kick-off call to orient and set the proper mindset and attitude for the training.
    Dates and times for group calls can be discussed with the facilitator when you apply.
  • Free online support via messages and the online forum will be available for 90 days from when you start the training.
  • You also gain access to all the membership benefits and our community.
  • Exclusive option to join an online group for further support and ongoing work after the training ends (charged separately)
  • Private 1:1 counseling is available for those who need extra support or wish to explore specific topics and personal situations (charged separately)

But I Feel Resistance / Hesitance to Register

It’s normal to feel this resistance
as you approach a real possibility
of healing old unconscious wounds.

Don’t fight the resistance. Don’t give into it either.
Work With It.
This is part of what we will be learning in the training.

Until then you can discuss your concerns by scheduling a
free 1-1 session with Ti0, the lead facilitator.

Training Details

Training Duration: 8 Weeks
Includes 8 live group integration calls
Level of Commitment: 4 hours / week

We have designed our training to balance information with practice. Our videos have been split into small segments so you can invest some time each day to learn a new concept and take time to practice it. One benefit about the practice is that the techniques are meant to be applied in your everyday life, so you do not need to set time apart specifically for practice, you can practice the tools in every activity and interaction.

The only commitment apart from the videos is to participate in the weekly group calls either on Saturdays or Sundays. You can discuss with the facilitator to find the best suitable time to join the group calls. 

Apply for Training

Gift Yourself With Insight & Empowerment

Rather than give you a “free gift for signing up”, such as a pointless 10-point ebook full of drivel, or a podcast episode that is already freely available, we prefer to encourage you to gift yourself with something of real value. 

Our content and courses are packed with insight, tools, and guidance to help you explore the depths of Reality and evolve through the endless levels of Consciousness. This may seem like a tall promise — rather than believe us, come try it out for yourself. And if you are disappointed, we will help you transform that too…

An Ideal Experience When You Are Ready For Adventure
An Ideal Experience When You Are Ready For Adventure