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For Consciousness Development

About the Course

The Study of Self method developed by Ti0 is an integration of various ancient and modern systems of Consciousness Development with the intention of transforming our inner and outer being to live in balance and harmony, and to develop a deeper connection and presence in life.

This is a dynamic teaching that is always evolving. It is also adapted and personalized to the specific nature of each individual, to find the most effective way that one can practice and achieve balance. So you can come at whatever level you are, even if you have never done this kind of work before, and receive personalized guidance to apply a variety of dynamic methods to your everyday life.

Our uniquely blended experience includes methods such as Study of Self, Unschooling the Unconscious, Consciousness Nomadism, The Yoga Beyond, The Fourth Way of Consciousness, and more. Our practices are based in applied psychology, emotional intelligence, physical wellbeing, shamanism, yoga, and other methods.

The training helps you to graduate through the Levels of Consciousness Development.

Video Introduction

What to Expect?

The method is taught in weekly group sessions and 1:1 sessions when preferred. Most of the work is done in groups because of the nature and efficacy of group work. We get to learn from others as they uncover patterns that are present in ourselves and those around us, as well as get to see the ways in which they transform these patterns. Understanding the perceptions of others also helps us to grow out of the limited nature of self-perception and develop a deeper understanding and compassion for others.

In these sessions, you can:

  • explore yourself with the guidance of an intuitive facilitator
  • learn from other group members
  • find a unconditional support structure as you go through your process and transformation

The meetings have a Confrontational nature.
What does this mean? Confrontation is not aggression. It is facing whatever we need to face, with the purpose of uncovering the truth about ourselves, and moving towards the transformation of patterns that we find hurtful to ourselves and others. Your beliefs and behaviors will be challenged, your patterns will be exposed, and all of this is done in a space where these aspects of ourselves are welcome with a view of acceptance of who we are.

Things can and will get emotional, uncomfortable, and we will face aspects of ourselves that are at times undesirable or unlikeable. What we have to remember is that we are in a space where we are supporting each other through whatever we uncover and acknowledging that we have a wide range of qualities.

A space of acceptance comes with certain conditions to maintain a feeling of safety for the group members. We do not accept or tolerate disrespectful and toxic behavior towards other members of the group. It simply means we are not judging you for who you are and what you have done in life, as long as you can bring these aspects forward with humility and self-acceptance.

A balance between humanity and divinity, a balance between our self and others, between will and surrender, acceptance and transformation. To find the center between the self, the world, the cosmos, and the eternal ever-present mystery.

Testimonials of Long-term Participants

Other Things to Know

We discourage people who are just here to browse the surface or drop in for a meeting or two, to see if it is something “cool” or “trendy”. This is also not a place for shortcuts and quick-fixes or promises to turn your life around in 10 weeks (or any arbitrary amount of time which sounds appealing to you). This is long-term work that goes deep and the people who participate in this space are opening themselves to be sensitive and vulnerable while exploring their unconscious and sharing their experiences, so this space is only open to those who intend to open to this level. You need not participate and open immediately, although at a minimum you understand the intention of this space and agree to be respectful when you are present in a group environment. 

We encourage you to make a conscious choice to come to each session and evaluate each session before returning. We would also request the same when renewing your membership commitment with us each time. This is not just another activity to add to your pile of hobbies. Once you are in this space you will realize the difference in depth compared to many other practices. We are working on sensitive issues – not everyone can commit and persevere through this work. 

For those who choose another path, we respect your choice and wish you the best wherever your journey takes you. For those who choose to go down the endless rabbit holes of consciousness with us, we are deeply grateful for your commitment and courage, and appreciate the opportunity to go through this journey together. 

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Rather than give you a “free gift for signing up”, such as a pointless 10-point ebook full of drivel, or a podcast episode that is already freely available, we prefer to encourage you to gift yourself with something of real value. 

Our content and courses are packed with insight, tools, and guidance to help you explore the depths of Reality and evolve through the endless levels of Consciousness. This may seem like a tall promise — rather than believe us, come try it out for yourself. And if you are disappointed, we will help you transform that too…

An Ideal Experience When You Are Ready For Adventure
An Ideal Experience When You Are Ready For Adventure