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My name is Ti0
The Infinite Zero

I coach high-impact leaders to attain spiritual mastery and become shining beacons through the global transition into the new paradigm.

I spent a decade delving deep into the old paradigm of self & spiritual mastery for myself while also playing the role of therapist,  coach, healer, teacher, and ayahuasca retreat facilitator for others.

My first-hand experiences on both sides eventually led to realizing how the old paradigm is completely broken — even with the best of intentions, it is unconsciously feeding the forces of separation and disempowerment under the guise of love and empowerment.

While I had been studying and teaching the old paradigm, deeper wisdom had me living by a completely different set of laws and principles in my life.

Spiritual Mastery For Leaders Of The New Paradigm

The way I healed and evolved over this decade was based on an entirely different paradigm from the current narratives in the therapy, healing, coaching, and spirituality industry.

As a leader who experientially studied the old paradigm in great depth while living with new paradigm principles, I act as a conduit between these worlds, helping those who are ready to transition and lead.

You may be a leader in any way, shape, or form, whether an entrepreneur or exec in a corporation, or a spiritual leader, thought leader, celebrity, or changemaker of any kind. The primary criteria is that you are in the new paradigm or ready to transition to it.

I help you attain spiritual mastery and shine your gifts fully.

Spiritual mastery, in the simplest terms, is  the eternal process of harmonizing all the forces within and without.

From an inner perspective, you activate all your intelligences and give rise to your Superconscious mind.

You balance your masculine and feminine energies; in other words, you unify your logical mind with your magical mind to experience the full spectrum of your genius and shape your life with creativity.

From an outer perspective, you learn to harmonize the forces of the world and use your genius to shape the future of humanity.

Making yourself available to those awaiting your gifts, learning to hold a powerful and harmonious energy field for your business and audience, and navigating the waves as you and your entourage make your way to the next level of impact.

By this point you are probably expecting and looking for testimonials from clients. Let’s interrupt this pattern a bit…

What People Say...

Doesn’t matter.

It’s not about their experience.
It’s about yours.

You are here to live your story.
We are here to write it together.

If you must, you can watch client testimonials which will give you insight about the potential of working together.