Hi, my name is Ti0
The Infinite Zero

Welcome to my virtual home, The Infinite Zero Experience

Here you can meet melearn about me, my philosophy & teaching style; benefit from the free resources I provide; and capitalize on the opportunities I offer to grow with me.


A Spiritual Master With 9+ Years Experience In Psychotherapy, Coaching, Healing, & Leading Ayahuasca Retreats​


Get a quick intro to my philosophy and teaching style with The Tao of Ti0.

Go deeper with The Dynamite Manifesto which contains the codes to embody your highest self, enjoy the delights of the material world, and live out your full potential and purpose.


The Infinite Zero Manifesto


Calibrate yourself to live with inspiration, passion, power, creativity, joy, love, and peace.

As a facilitator my primary function is to hold these energies, exemplify them, and amplify them, so you begin to embody them and live in these states effortlessly and naturally.

Explore the opportunities I offer to learn, grow, and have fun together. The list below is in increasing order of intensity and value, starting with a free community space, group coaching, masterminds, and going all the way up to highly customized in-person and online private experiences.

The I0 Experience: Free Online Community

A supportive and inclusive space to own and become all of who you are and live up to your full potential.

A private space to dip your fingers and get a taste of the vibe, while connecting with others on the journey.

Join discussions on topics about spiritual mastery, activating your radiance, and enjoying life, and also celebrate yourself with the 30 day challenge.

The primary training ground for you to master your magic and embody the leadership spirit.

Available at two levels:

Plus 🌟 Live + Recorded Trainings

When you aim to lead yourself better to have more autonomy and joy in your life.

By design, there is less direct coaching here, and more space for you to use the trainings to lead yourself to a higher level. This creates the foundation to enter the…

Premium ☀️ Group Coaching for Leaders

Lead yourself and others with confidence and authority infused with love, joy, levity, and compassion.

This is where things really begin to heat up as you receive personalized coaching, transmissions, and activations, while learning from others in a group setting — Ti0’s specialization.

Both levels are available as a subscription model:
Plus 🌟 $100/month
Premium ☀️ $400/month

Explore all the details below.

Designed for builders, creators, and leaders to mature your leadership and evolve your entreprenurial spirit.

When you are an embodied leader, it’s time to level up from leading followers to leading leaders. This position comes with a unique set of challenges, requires new trainings and mindsets, and a whole different level of heat 🔥

A high-level mastermind where you share space with powerful leaders, inspire and be inspired, lead and be led.

Starts at $1250/mo for 3 months or $3500 paid upfront.
Additional private coaching available at custom levels.

The highest level of personalized support offered by Ti0, this is a fully customized experience with both online and in-person experiences as required for your highest self to be activated.

Receive personalized spiritual transmissions and activations along with a  completely private space with unconditional compassion and support.

This is a special and unique experience, and perhaps the most transformational opportunity offered, albeit, available to a very select set of people. For those who resonate, you are invited to live with Ti0 for an extended period to develop your mastery and leap to levels beyond your imagination.


Here are some words of appreciation from some lovely people who have played with us before...