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The Yoga Beyond

The Yoga Beyond is a dynamic yoga for every moment of daily life that goes beyond the pop-yoga practiced in the modern culture. While mind and body wellness are part of this yoga, this is not the sole or central objective of this yoga.

The Yoga Beyond calls us to work on all levels as a preparation to go deeper and beyond all ideas and limitations such as arrivals and ends.

This is an endless yoga for people who are dissatisfied with the superficial nature of reality, who have hit the limits and thresholds that other practices provide, and want to go deeper, to go beyond… to discover, experience, and live in the infinite.

This is not a yoga of repetition and rigid form, this is a dynamic method that adapts to each individual  and evolves continuously through the integration of present knowledge with existing ancient wisdom.

Study of Self

The Study of Self method developed by Ti0 is an integration of various ancient and modern systems of self-inquiry to gain Self-knowledge with the intention of transforming our inner and outer being to live in balance and harmony, and to develop a deeper connection and presence in life, here and now.

This is a dynamic method that is always evolving. It is also adapted and personalized to the specific nature of each individual, to find the most effective way that one can practice and achieve balance. So you can come at whatever level you are, even if you have never done this kind of work before.

Comadism | Consciousness Nomadism
Watch the video or click here to read

Consciousness Nomadism or Comadism is an experiential philosophy.

Unlike traditional belief systems that are static and rigid, comadism uses dynamic belief systems, meaning that beliefs change with time and based on circumstances. In Comadism, beliefs are seen as tools — and the comad chooses the appropriate tools based on each situation.

In this nomadic way of consciousness, we are not locked down to a single system, but are free to explore any and every system and pick what we resonate with, and use what we feel is most appropriate. This gives choice from a range beliefs for each situation rather than a compulsion to stick to a rigid set of beliefs for every situation.

Comads recognize that having a dynamic liberated consciousness is the key to exploring the diverse ever-changing realms of infinity. This gives comads the ability to keep flowing through whatever they experience, and to be “grounded” in this state of fluidity by knowing themselves beyond their beliefs and attachments.

Rather than idealistic philosophy which theorizes about the way we “should” be; experiential philosophy is where we do, then share as we continue doing, and keep updating as we keep learning.

There is no point of "arrival", we contradict our past and future selves as we flow through the eternal paradoxes of consciousness

I0ns: Infinite Zero nuggets

I0ns are Infinite Zero nuggets — tokens of the endless nothing. 

We are creating these nuggets of nothing as a way to fund our project. These nuggets are valued using a model of the natural laws of the universe. I0ns will serve as the medium of exchange for our projects and future endeavors. And to anyone’s surprise, some day I0ns may be worth a bit more than nothing. 

The I0ns funding project is designed to simultaneously help people learn and for us to raise funds for the development of this center. By modeling the universe and the flow of energy into the use of I0ns, we are making a currency that educates people about their own value and relation to concepts like money.

Nature: The Plateau Of Consciousness

Parallel to Silicon Valley which has come to represent the ever-growing aspiration for the “Peak” experience of life, The Plateau of Consciousness represents our venture into the realm of balance which provides an endless arena for exploration through Nature.

In the realm of consciousness, valleys and peaks represent the opposing forces of duality. These eternal forces — manifesting in ideas such as good and evil, up and down, ascensions and falls — polarize people into absolutes. While they seem appealing at the beginning, they become limiting and boring after a while — which leads to further seeking of different peaks.

The plateau signifies balance and the vast infinitude between extremes — a baseline from which we can explore the endless peaks and valleys of consciousness, without losing our self in them. The Infinite Zero is a way to represent this paradox.

People are afraid of the word plateau because they associate it with boredom — it’s not quite as exciting as the counterparts available in the market.

Without a stable operating baseline, peak experiences cycle into deeper valleys that we keep attempting to escape by seeking higher peaks. This endless loop leads to a breaking point of no return.

Paradoxes trap us if we are unable to see them for what they are.

The plateau, while seemingly dull, can become a platform for endless creation — for those who have the patience to learn. This middle ground opens the door to explore the extremes of duality and unite them. Such a life is free of mechanical cycles and patterns by keeping balance.

Nature is the best known representation of the plateau — complete with peaks and valleys, creation and destruction, order and chaos, complexly simple — a truly infinite canvas.

By connecting with nature, we have an opportunity to engage the enigma of life in the most beautiful and exciting ways.

The elements of Nature are bridges
from the outer world to our inner worlds

Reality: A Cosmic Experience Studio

Reality is envisioned as a studio where we will be hosting experiences that integrate nature and technology. The studio will feature a specially designed mixed reality platform that can host dynamic experiences incorporating technologies such as virtual reality, sensory stimulators, mind machines, resonance inducers, biofeedback, and more…

Building on the metaphor that “the world is an illusion” — a projection of our beliefs — where we experience a “movie” called Life — we are building a unique experience studio called Reality — where people can explore their consciousness to change their perception and go beyond their limitations — to become the director and actor in the movie of their life.

The Reality Studio will be designed to take you on a journey beyond the limits of your reality and get you acquainted with the infinite nature of multidimensional reality…


While Technology and Nature will play a significant role, the primary tool is the Consciousness of each being that chooses to participate in the experiences.

One of our intentions is to clarify and make available knowledge about consciousness. This external knowledge should only be used as a guide to find the knowledge within your own being. We discourage simply believing information that is provided.

In the past, knowledge about consciousness was shrouded in esoteric methods to keep most people at bay. Consequently exoteric knowledge was developed to fill the gap and was adopted by a majority of society.

As time passes, an increasing number of people are moving away from both styles for a variety of reasons. Esoteric knowledge is gradually drowning into superstition and occult rituals— nowadays these practices are being adapted to mainstream consumerism by becoming more theatrical and dramatic, obliterating the knowledge it originally represented. On the other hand, exoteric knowledge became too institutionalized and corrupt for the liking of many people.

External knowledge can be perceived as something that can help to understand and interpret our own direct experiences of consciousness. Books, systems, guides, teachers, and other sources of information can be considered a Thesaurus — something that can be used as a reference for introspection and contemplation of personal experiences. Once an experience has been understood, the main work arises — to integrate this information so we can have a richer authentic life experience.

Another one of our intentions is to build a community of individuals that support each other in this process of exploration and integration. A community that is solely about “individuality”, beyond the beliefs and labels attached to each individual. 

We place a strong emphasis on integrated consciousness — to bring harmony to the four centers within each being – the mind, the body, the heart, and the mystery.

We use “mystery” to discharge any preconceived notions that people may have when referring to other commonly used terms such as soul, spirit, or anything else. These terms generally have a way of reducing something that is truly mysterious and ineffable, into something limiting and superstitious.

The mystery center within us brings the surprise element of the unknown and the unknowable into our lives. Rather than a purely intellectual pursuit of the mystery, we suggest enjoying every unique experience presented and accept the mystery for what it is.

The Architects

The vision and development of this center is being directed by Ti0 & No1.

Ti0 is the individual representing the center in this world. No1 refers to a multidimensional collective called The Realm of Faceless Beings that are associated with this center in mystical ways. You can read more about Ti0 & No1 in our journal.

As an individual I have chosen to label my profession as Experience Jockey and style as Comadism or Consciousness Nomadism. I have a professional background in software development, information security, distributed systems architecture and various other software and tech-related fields. 

I am also an experiential researcher in the exploration and development of consciousness with sacred plants and  technology.

Other labels I choose to describe myself:
Psyber Sadhu — Nature Lover — Psychedelician 

After the birth of the body I presently inhabit, the name Rohan was bestowed upon me, along with an entire personality which was a collection of beliefs and expectations based in local and global culture. I have been on a journey of deconstructing this personality which had formed a protective shell over my essential self through a radical, long, exhausting, and rejuvenating process of transformation.

The discovery of this authentic nature or essential self came about through mystical experiences with psychedelic entheogens which revealed a pure void state of consciousness underneath the layers of my previous character. Transitioning from being defined by others, I chose to characterize my persona as The Infinite Zero, abbreviated as Ti0. This represents a consciousness that lives in the balance between infinity and nothingness.

I am passionate about being an EJ or Experience Jockey. This describes my love for creating dynamic interactive personalized experiences for beings to explore and develop consciousness while learning from themselves. The intention is to encourage growth at a personal and universal level, as well to liberate and actualize the potential of consciousness within each being that chooses to participate.

I have been working in software development and technology since 2007. I specialized in Information Security, which helped me to further develop the inherent “hacker mindset” — a perspective that cuts through appearances and sees what goes on behind the scenes. Bringing this perspective to my explorations of consciousness helped me to deconstruct, analyze, “debug”, and integrate the complex facets of my own consciousness. My past in the cyber realm helped me to develop the approach to find the most effective and optimal way to navigate through the endless realms of multiverses.

It has been my dream over the last few years to integrate my background in software, technology, and security, with my experiences in consciousness. The realization of this experiential center is the fruit of my past and ongoing personal explorations which helped me develop a diverse perspective on the intricate and extricate workings of “reality”.

Having been brought up in a deeply religious and spiritual cultural environment in India – doctrines, rituals, and beliefs are something that never appealed to me nor ever worked for me. My focus is on direct personal experience rather than belief systems.

Having gone through struggles that are increasingly common in the world today such as drug and substance addictions, personality disorders, anxiety, paranoia, depression, and suicidal behavior, I gained a profound experiential understanding of consciousness and developed various techniques that could potentially help others to face and transform these issues with their own resources rather than depending on others. This journey helped me discover my essence, unblock my creativity, and access resources to deal with situations dynamically by finding intuitive solutions.

My intention is to guide beings to reach this state through their own experiences so they can transform perceptions, behaviors, and patterns that they find limiting, and move into states of being that are more favorable for their consciousness and authentic passion.

I am by no means an expert on this topic. I am not a master, guru, healer, shaman, doctor, scientist, or any other label that glorifies or limits my potential. I believe that people heal and learn spontaneously through their own will in precisely the moment they are ready for it. 

Rather than pretending to be an “answering machine that knows everything about everything”, I prefer to help people by teaching techniques whereby they can find their own answers. I feel it is much more beneficial for people to go deeper into their consciousness and use their own resources to overcome the unique challenges that life has designed for them. People who resonate with this style are welcome to participate in these experiential journeys. If you are one of the people who chooses to participate, this will help you to be more spontaneous and dynamic in everyday life. 

Unlike scientists and gurus, I do not offer “proof” or claim to have “right answers”. What I offer is a creative approach to navigate the eternal paradox.

I have been learning about and exploring modified states of consciousness, mindfulness, and multidimensionality. This was initiated primarily by experiences with the sacred plants known as Ayahuasca. After a deeply life-changing experience, I decided to further explore consciousness with these plants.

For five years, I apprenticed as a facilitator where I learned the art of conducting ayahuasca retreats and ceremonies. While doing this I got the opportunity to learn through communication, observation, and experience, about the various dynamics of working with individuals and groups. I deeply explored the intricacies and mechanics of my own psyche, and simultaneously kept learning about the collective human psyche and group dynamics. 

Apart from this, I have also been learning different techniques for consciousness exploration and development. I have experimented with modern technology such as mind machines, light and sound devices, resonance inducers, bio-feedback devices, frequency tuning and modulation devices, which have helped me greatly and opened up possibilities that were previously unimaginable.

The development of Twixy is my way of bringing together and sharing everything I have learned and will continue learning about the infinite realms of self and beyond…

You will see the pronouns I and We used interchangeably throughout this website. The reason is that the project is founded by one “body”, though there are many beings who have been and will be involved in the team. 

In the physical realm, I refers to Ti0, the founder of this center, and we refers to the team driving this project. We includes everyone who has joined and will join the team to support and develop this center, in whichever time and timeline, realm and reality. 

On the mystical side, we have the realm of faceless beings… a multidimensional collective that goes beyond identity and appearances… This collective operates within and beyond the boundaries of the self.  

Participating in this collective happens by making a commitment to the development of multidimensional consciousness, to go beyond personality, identity, and the world of appearances. This realm exists in between worlds and the beings present themselves based on requirement, purpose, or desires for experiences.

The ideology of The Infinite Zero Experience Center belongs to this realm.

If this has piqued your curiosity
we suggest to let it flow
and write to us 
using the button below…

Our Journal

If you have enjoyed the presentation to this point, we invite you to go deeper by exploring our journal where we provide details about the experiences that we will be offering, and further elaborate our projects and philosophy. 

Please use the form at the bottom of the page to stay updated about developments related to our center.

Focus & Approach

The primary focus at this Center is the development, exploration, and deepening of consciousness. Our approach is not purely based in any specific philosophy or practice, nor do we have a one-size-fits-all approach.

We are constantly developing new, unique, and creative techniques for the development and exploration of consciousness. This includes facing our unconscious fear, shame, and other content that is usually too overwhelming to experience for many people. As well as the exciting parts of knowing our hidden gifts and resources.

We focus on experiences interlaced with discussions as we have found this to be the best way for learning. The direct experiential practice helps in incorporating the lessons which otherwise tend to get lost and forgotten in the endless abyss of the mind.

Using thematic experiences, we balance the seriousness and “heaviness” associated with the unconscious and deep philosophical concepts such as multidimensionality. By introducing humor and creativity into the process of this exploration, people can have fun while interacting with parts of themselves which are disconnected and lost in the routines of everyday life.

And we do all this without you having to change your everyday routines — unless that’s what you want, of course! The fear of exploring anything related to “spirituality” or “consciousness” is that we may quit our job and go into the mountains and jungles — or become nomadic hippies without a care or concern in the world — or make some other drastic change in our life, and be forced to let go something that we currently love. 

None of that is required!

Traditional approaches have tended to be harsh and authoritarian, demanding sacrifices and imposing unnecessary dogmatic rules. Or on the other hand just talking and preaching without any real change taking place (are you familiar with the phrases “love & light” or “holding hands and singing kumbaya”? We find these approaches to be superficial and lacking in depth and content.

We find that the most profound and effective transformation happens spontaneously, naturally, and “automatically” when people feel the desire to change from within. When this desire is internal, all that is required is the proper support and environment to facilitate the transformation to take place. 

We see the development of consciousness as an additive process, something that builds upon what we already have. Any “change” that takes place happens naturally through the will of the individual — or forces beyond our understanding, who knows??

One of the things we help with is preparing your mind, body, and heart, to arrive at this point of transformation. We do this by providing the appropriate guidance and resources based on your requirements — wherever you are in your life journey. No matter how early or late you think it is, there is always something to be discovered that is appropriate for now.

We are very dynamic in the way we design and facilitate experiences. Improvisation is one of our key tools. Personalizing the journey to your particular requirements is the key. And adapting our “plans” to the way you respond is part of our role as experience jockeys.

We can use the metaphor of gardening to explain what we do. Sometimes we have to simply plant seeds. Sometimes we have to “dig deep and prepare the soil” before we can plant the seed. Depending on the seed and the personal conditions, it may require regular care, or it may just flourish on its own. While it grows from a plant to a tree, it may need some tending, or we may have to uproot and replant it in better conditions. And as it reaches maturity, this seed we planted may flourish and become a wonderful support for others in the ever-growing network of nature.

We play the role of walking along-side with you on the journey into the unknown. We provide you with the support you require as you uncover your essence and mature into your authentic being. And we do this in the most interesting ways we can imagine while incorporating support from the ever-surprising forces of nature and universe.

We incorporate knowledge and techniques from anything that helps to deepen our understanding of consciousness. This Center is neither an Eastern school nor a Western institution, it is a Center that integrates disciplines and non-disciplines from various realms.

The language, devices, and techniques we use are merely tools for experiencing consciousness. We are not defined by these. We believe that abstract tools, just like any physical tool, are meant to be used — they are not meant to define or limit us. Using these tools we have the opportunity to experience and explore the innumerable facets of life.


The Center is open to respectful beings from all backgrounds and belief or non-belief systems, who have an intention to explore and develop their consciousness. Our Center does not have any doctrine, nor any fixed system or core philosophy.

Our methods are based in experiential philosophy which is knowledge gained from personal experience. We use this knowledge by dynamically choosing whatever is best suited for each situation. This gives us the flexibility to navigate the ever-changing mystery of life without attachment to rigid ideals that may not be suitable in many circumstances.

A very important note regarding participation in our center and experiences is to set the proper expectations. These experiences and “destinations in consciousness” might sound intriguing and fascinating to some people. It is essential to highlight that it requires time, effort, and persistent dedication to train yourself to reach these states. 

My own journey has been going on for five years, and it was only in the fourth year that I started seeing persistent results. Even though, at the beginning you may have wonderful experiences or glimpses of some of the things described on the website. Yet you must remember that bringing that experience to your everyday life is a challenge that requires effort. While this may not sound appealing, discovering and maintaining your power requires you to go beyond the comfortable notion of quick and easy magic pills — and the eventual result is more than satisfying. That said, below are a few more things to keep in mind.

You should consider an experience at this Center if you want to:

  • Transition from fear-based motivations to authentic passions and intentions
  • Discover and transform unproductive and incongruous patterns in life
  • Have a deeper and richer life experience within the Earth realm
  • Understand and explore Multidimensional consciousness
  • Explore realms beyond the known physical and energetic worlds
  • Journey to a newly co-developed realm of experience

OR, you are thoroughly bored of life and what the world has to offer, and you are interested in experiencing something radically different…

You should NOT consider an experience at this center if:

  • You do not wish to know something beyond your present beliefs or wish to stay attached to your current beliefs
  • You want proof without putting the effort to witness it
  • You have an existing physical or mental health condition that may pose a danger to either yourself or others at the center — this is also very important. We are open-minded and accept that each person has unique challenges, at the same time, the work we do at this center is incompatible for certain people that might have an adverse reaction that causes further damage. For this reason, we ask that you are transparent and honest in your interactions with the experience facilitators.
  • You are using substances or medication that produce a dependency or addiction – this is not a rehab. We require participants to be clean and stable prior to arrival. The experiences are challenging and will bring out parts of the shadow self. If the participant is not in a stable condition to deal with the content of their unconscious, they may have an adverse reaction that causes further damage to themselves and other participants. If you have any doubts, please contact us and discuss your situation with the experience facilitator with complete transparency and honesty.

This is a preview of some of the themes and experiences we explore with participants. We have many more “surprise” experiences to help you go into the unknown.

Experience levels listed below are based on your prior experience with consciousness exploration and your inner stability. We will gauge your readiness for an experience during the introductory consultation and determine which experience is best suited for you. We start slow and adjust dynamically based on how you respond.

A World Beyond Words
Experience Level: 1

This is the foundational experience designed to illuminate the power of the illusion created by words. Once we become aware of the extent that words obscure reality, we can open the door to a whole new world… and more…

The Conscious Prison Experiment
Experience Level: 1, 2

As much as we like to believe we are free, we are caught in the incomprehensible web of our personalities, beliefs, and limitations. We propose that Consciousness is the key to transform this prison and free ourselves eventually..

The Art of Imperfection
Experience Level: 2

There is an unbelievably strong emphasis on the need for perfection and control in our world. Consider stopping for a moment. Question this obsession.

And you may find yourself on a completely different journey…

Human: The Unknowable Experience
Experience Level: 3

To “be human” has an endless number of definitions, each based on various assumptions. What is human if we strip away these arbitrary definitions? How can we even be sure that we are human? Or something entirely different?

The Unconditioned Mind: An Experience Beyond Logic
Experience Level: 3

Conditioning and reprogramming the mind is all the buzz at the moment. Finding ways to change your programs is considered the pinnacle of mind science. 

But what is the mind experience when it is not limited by programs and conditions — “good” or “bad”? 

Is logic really worth all the hype???

The Depersonalization Experience
Experience Level: 4+

What is life beyond your persona? Are you still you if you are no longer “in you”? Can you be something other than you?

What is waiting for you out there?

Who knows what is possible when you are no longer just you… 

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