The Infinite Zero

Superconsciousness In Action

Create life and reality from a place of bliss, peace, and joy — a place of harmony charged with passion and inspiration.

Experience life at levels wider and deeper than anything you can imagine journey from the logical mind to the magical mind.

Transcend Your Mind
Activate Your Soul

What are we about?
Helping Divines Humanize | Helping Humans Divinize
Living A Divinely Human Life

Manifesting a magical life in the unknown.

Hosting a Superconscious community of individuals charged purely with inspiration and passion.

What’s our vocation?
We help you embody not just your higher self, you will integrate into your highest self — to live beyond beliefs and beyond the mind.

We help you ground the energy and wisdom from the Superconscious realm to manifest your vision through play and adventure.

What’s our purpose?
Instead of building a new world or creating a parallel reality, we are here to help humanity thrive in balance with nature by harmonizing the world that exists.

My name is Ti0

The Infinite Zero

Ruta | Co-Creator

With A Heart of Gold

There is a lot we can say about “who we are” and “what we do”, but none of that encapsulates your experience with us.

We’ve played the roles of coaches, therapists, spiritual teachers, healers and we have played with many other labels.

Today we are a unique experience that aligns you and your life at every level to create more Beauty with Power.

Invitations To Superconsciousness

Free Resources

Tune In To Your Highest Self — Become Your GodSelf

Fully Activate Your Genius in all aspects: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, mystical, and beyond.

Private mentorship for high-impact beings.

Infuse Your Business With Spirituality

Aligning your business with your soul’s code through frequency tuning and superconsciousness.

Intimate incubator of powerful creators and leaders.


21 Days To Make It Happen — bring your soul’s code to life.

Join an intimate group of creators infusing Superconsciousness to materialize your deepest authentic desires and activate the next level.

A DIY training open to all.

Manifest The Superconscious

Tune your soul to higher frequencies with an energetic network of beings committed to Grounding The Superconscious reality on Earth.

A network of Superconscious frequency holders.

Our space in the Atlantic Rainforest of Brasil to host experiences for you to infuse Superconsciousness deeper into every aspect of your being and life.

What People Say...

Doesn’t matter.

We could quote dozens of lovely people saying wonderful things about their experience.

It’s not about their experience.
It’s about yours.

You are here to live your story.
We are here to write it together.