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Honoring Your Need For Validation

Fulfillment is found in recognition of fulfilling your purpose.

Do you adult?

An invitation to explore the active practice of acting from your adult self.

Sundays are Sacred Beginnings — Take Ownership of Your Week

Reclaiming the "start of the week" to become the owner of your life, your energy, and your time.

Even Neutral Is A Side

Even not taking a side is taking a side.
Now there is a fourth choice: be on all sides.

Betray Yourself — Become Infinitely Awesome

Embrace Your Inner Judas. Awaken Your Inner Christ.

Permission To Be Imperfect

Allow perfectionism to be the imperfection in others and free yourself from the burden of pleasing others.

Divines Humanize | Humans Divinize

Melt Into The Magic Of The Middle — Enter The Superconscious.

Spiritual Bypassing — Done The Right Way

Avoid traps along the spiritual path and heal the addiction to suffering.

Grace — Go From Escapism To Embracism — Stop Existing, Start Living

Swap your compulsions for passion, your obligations for inspiration, your discipline for alignment, your suffering for ease and effortlessness.