Even Neutral Is A Side

Even not taking a side is taking a side.
Now there is a fourth choice: be on all sides.

Neutral is comfortable and safe.
It’s stepping out of the game.
But you cannot actually step out.
You are always part of the game.
And whether you realize it or not, you are always on a side.
Maybe not the obvious left or right, even middle is a side.

A coin has three sides.
And we have four choices.

What is this secret fourth choice?
To be on all sides. To be the whole coin.

To BE the coin.
Total embodiment.

This is the highest level of consciousness we can attain.
This is the embodiment of the Trinity.

I am not just writing and talking about this.
I am this.
I embody this.
It took years to arrive at this place.
I kept getting sucked into identifying with one or the other.
Or letting go all identity to be nothing and becoming the middle.
The third choice.

The fourth choice is the Trinity — embodying unity consciousness in a dual world.

We are not just energetic souls.
We are not just material bodies.
We are both and the link that tethers the two worlds.

We are neither one nor dual.
We are a trinity.
Energy, Matter, Spirit.

When you identify with only one or two parts of you, it will leave you feeling incomplete at a deep level. We get polarized into believing that spiritual enlightenment is a journey away from our human ego. This is the shadow of unity-based spirituality. It splits and becomes dual anyway.

When you are in this split, you will still keep seeking. Until you unify all three substances within you there will be something missing. Completion of the spiritual journey is the embodiment of the trinity.

Enlightenment talks about surrendering and transcending the ego.
Personal development reduces the spirit to a mental concept.

Consciousness is a union of soul and ego and spirit.

It is not just being an observer with awareness.
Consciousness is what arises when we unify, until then we are still at the level of awareness, which is pure mind.

Consciousness is the ability to be aware, feel, and act simultaneously (and don’t forget, it is also a mystery…)

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This can only happen when we are living at the speed of life.

Living At The Speed Of Life

The level of Love consciousness is when you are living at the speed of life.
This is what enables us to alchemize the reality at that level.
Higher levels such as Joy, Peace, and Enlightenment are even faster than the speed of life.
This is what enables Creation to take place.

Your whole being is present, processing, and interacting with life.

Lower states are much slower than the speed of life.
We can either be present, or processing, or interacting with life. We are incapable of doing all at the same time when we are at lower levels of consciousness such as Reason, Rationality, Neutrality, Fear, Anger, Guilt, Shame, etc.

Living at the speed of life (or faster) happens at a much higher level. It’s not romantic love as most people know it. It’s not just talking about love and light as most of the spiritual community does. To actually live in love consciousness means to operate from all your intelligences simultaneously.

Imagine if you could feel and process reality at the same time as you experience it. And also act in the flow of the moment.
That’s entirely possible.
Life slows down when we are at that level of consciousness — not because life is actually going slower, it is only the concept of relativity. We are at a much higher speed of consciousness.

It’s not just about the Power of Love.
It’s not just about the Love of Power.

Separation and duality are as real as unity and oneness.
The embodiment of the total reality is the Trinity.

It’s where human ascends to divine and divine incarnates as human.

We are neither the left-brain nor the right-brain.
And we are not the minuscule link that bridges the two.
We are all of it.

What is Spirit? What is Consciousness?
Are they the same?
Yes — they are both words.
Whatever essence one infuses into these words determines if we understand and imply the same.

What do I infuse into these words?
Life. Spirit is that which is alive. That which moves in all things.
You only know life and living when you feel the spirit move in the plants as it stays still in rocks as it animates animals and the wind and rain.

Consciousness is that which experiences. And that which shapes things.

The two are separate and different.
The two are one and the same.

This can only be comprehended from Trinity Consciousness, when one truly embodies it.

It is not just a mental concept, the mind cannot grasp it alone.
The heart can feel it, yet it cannot understand it alone.
The body can hold it, yet it cannot act alone.

It is these three intelligences, unified, that give rise to Consciousness.
And it is Consciousness that gives rise to these three intelligences.
I am here to teach you to make this your lived experience.

Me vs Me — Living with two truths

I am ti0x0it.

One part of me wants to be “the most right”.
At the expense of other parts being “wrong”.

Can I have two truths? Two rights?

Two wrongs don’t make a right.
Two rights don’t make a wrong.

This is how we are programmed with good and evil.
And we get split — over and over.

It is the reconciliation of these splits that gives us insight into the true nature of reality.
When we go beyond the lens of good and evil, we are able to see the whole.
But that’s just unity consciousness.
Trinity consciousness enables us to see the whole and the parts.

Heaven is indeed found beyond evil — and good.
When we don the triune sight, we are able to look at and through reality.
This is to see with not just the third eye of unity or the two eyes of duality, rather with all three eyes simultaneously — not a meager feat to say the least, yet one that is possible for each of us.

The Trinity is not just about balance, it is the ability to explore opposites while being rooted at the center.

Neutrality is choosing not to choose a truth, choosing no side.
Trinity is living with multiple truths that are apparently contradicting.

It was when I became the one that enables my multiple truths to coexist, I became the me that can harmonize my contradicting parts, this is when I found inner peace. This is where I truly felt that I have attained mastery of spirit. It required a fire, a will, a determination to become this self, to forge the bond between the split, to harmonize what was once a war within.

That comes from your spirit. Deep resolve and determination come from a strong spirit. And you can strengthen your spirit. That’s what spiritual mastery is all about. And that pays off in everything you do.

Expanding your Spirit expands your capacity for life.
It enables a greater life experience than your mind can imagine.

Spiritual mastery has nothing to do with rituals and spiritual culture. It is about training your spirit, cultivating the fire within you, honing and tempering it. Understanding and finding the center of all the dual aspects of life such as speed & patience, strength & fluidity, detachment & commitment, light & dark, good & evil, stillness & action, power & love.

Spiritual mastery is the deep visceral embodied understanding that these forces are not opposites, they are not exclusive, each pair is a single force that splits in duality and is unified and applied with the Trinity.

Spiritual mastery is not about going from duality into the romantic idea of oneness and unity, it’s an embodiment of the trinity. This is what helps us incarnate the divine on earth, the unity in duality is the holy trinity, of energy and matter unified by spirit.

Ooof. That’s a lot to take in. You don’t have to do it all at once.

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