Sundays are Sacred Beginnings — Take Ownership of Your Week

Reclaiming the "start of the week" to become the owner of your life, your energy, and your time.

When we consider Monday as the first day of the week, your week starts with you giving your time to your job or your business or the million other things demanding your attention. Weekends and Sundays are meant for recovery from the hustle and bustle of the week, and to play catch up with all the stuff you have been ignoring all week long.

If instead you decide to start your week on a Sunday, which is a “holiday” for most people, the first day of your week can be dedicated to your Self. It is a way of organizing your life, time, and energy in a completely different way, consequently changing your outlook and attitude in life.

With that premise…

Imagine starting your week with space and time to be with yourself, organize yourself, your energy, your time, and be the owner of your life.

You start the week being the Quing of your domain.

While Sundays can remain a restful day, they can also be days that are lived very intentionally, with energy, power, and an attitude of organizing and focusing your energy for the week.

This shifts the energy for your week, and consequently your life, to be lived very intentionally.

Compare this with jumping into the week and being pulled in a 1000 directions by all the busyness that comes with Mondays.

How does it feel to start your week in a calm, focused, reflective, and intentional way?

What changes in your life when you do this?

Being a mature adult, being the Quing of your domain, is all about ownership of your life, your time, and your reality.

When you live from your immature self, you keep reacting to life, being pulled in whatever direction life is going, never really getting anywhere.

Your adult self on the other hand is very intentional and focused, leading your own life in the direction you desire to live, and handling situations in ways that move life towards where you want to go instead of being pulled away from your goal.

A perfect way to do this is to redefine the start of your week as Sunday and claim ownership of your week with the intention of being the owner of your life.

In a different manner of speaking, start your week living for yourself, and then intentionally choose to share and give your time and energy and life to others.

A Sacred Beginning

Whether it is a day, a week, or a new chapter in your life, starting every cycle intentionally has a remarkable effect when you compare it to just being pulled into things randomly and chaotically.

I have been leading Spiritual Mastery groups for most Sundays over the last 4 years. Reflecting on this I now see it as the most powerful way I and my students were starting our weeks — with a mindset of intentionality and ownership.

In May I ended my last group marking the end of a 4 year chapter, and today, on this Sunday, a Sacred Beginning not only to this week, I am also starting a new chapter in my life that has been brewing for the last two months — Panda Land and The Panda Academy.

Both Panda Land and The Panda Academy are sacred spaces for people to come into their fullness — to live from their highest self and become the fullest expression of their awesomeness.

These spaces support you on your journey of intentionally embodying your highest self through spiritual mastery with levity and playfulness.

I invite you to learn all about The Panda Way of Consciousness and join us in Panda Land and The Panda Academy!

I am excited to starting a fresh wave of my Sunday group trainings as well as more groups during the week, and look forward to seeing you there 💚

Explore Panda Land and The Panda Academy

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