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Reject Resignation — Accept Your Power

What you cannot control doesn't control you — unless you let it. You get to choose exactly how you play with everything given to you.

Key Experiences That Shaped Me Into A Powerful & Loving Coach & Human

This post is a glimpse into key experiences of my life for those who want to know me better. Come on a journey where I go from being an asshole and a people-pleaser, living a life of obligation, compulsion, and apathy, to a life filled with inspiration, joy, enthusiasm, power and love. Read for inspiration of a radical transformation anyone can experience when they choose to create an uncompromising commitment to be themselves.

The Gates of Greatness Are Now Open

From Good to Great to Excellent to Exceptional — and Beyond...
Why don't you say Yes?

Letting go of Stability

The need for stability dissolves as you develop deep trust in your own power to keep creating life.

Service is Slavery

Stop Serving Others. Stop Serving Your Self. Stop Serving.

Greed: Good, Evil, or an Unreal Illusion of Perception?

Greed is a programmed perception that keeps the powerless disempowered. It is a fear-based judgment about people who play bigger than what is comfortable for you.

Emerging From The Cave: From Losing My Self To Becoming Infinite

Psychological Survival Mechanisms: PARARA | Psych Survival 102

People-pleasing, addiction, righteousness, arrogance, rationalization, aggression, are the psychological survival mechanisms we will elaborate in this post.

Psychological Survival Mechanisms – The 3 D's

Psych Survival 101: The 3 D's of Psychological Survival are Depression, Dissociation, Denial. In this post we explore how they help us deal with life and get us through painful times.