Grace — Go From Escapism To Embracism — Stop Existing, Start Living

Swap your compulsions for passion, your obligations for inspiration, your discipline for alignment, your suffering for ease and effortlessness.

I have been a die-hard opposer of discipline all my life. I started as a rebel in childhood. Over the last few years I was swinging between the extremes of rebellion and compulsion. Something about discipline always felt “wrong” to me. It felt very unnatural — too human or willful. There had to be something (almost) everyone was missing.

I tried shaming myself into discipline.
“Now you are an adult, it’s time to pull yourself together.”
“Successful people have one key ingredient — self-discipline, if you want great success, you have to eat well and exercise regularly — you have to be disciplined!”

Well, fuck you world. I could never have discipline. There maybe something inherently disfuncional in me. Today I celebrate this.
What changed? I stopped shaming myself.
I am no longer interested in discipline.
I found something much easier — grace.

I always intuitively felt that everything “difficult or hard” in this world had an easy option. Thankfully I persisted with my “delusions” and found out what my intuition knew all along.

People think grace is out of our control. Yes it is, but you can become someone who attracts a lot of grace. What’s the secret sauce then? Alignment.

It’s about going beyond control and will to align your consciousness with your essence and your highest self. This is when life becomes effortless and easy — in other words, life becomes graceful.

Your highest self cannot be found through will and effort. You may reach your “higher self” that way, but your highest self is beyond the grasp of force and will. Your highest self is beyond discipline.

Your highest self is embodied through letting go of your lower ego. Letting go of your programmed desires, your compulsions, your obligations, your suffering. Your beliefs about who you are, who you ought to be, who you are meant to be, and who you want to be.

In that silence arises the mythical and magical god within. The one who creates life precisely, with not a drop of wasted effort.

Minimal input, maximal output

Is that really possible?
Don’t the law of physics demand there to be more energy input than output?
Isn’t it all about leveraging your effort to optimize your gains?
Isn’t it “no pain, no gain”?

Sure hard work can help you win in conventional human ways. But that’s what those games are designed for. Do you choose to play that game intentionally or is it just a compulsive habit? Do you want to play and win a different game? Let’s talk about infinite games, where playing is winning. These are games where the rules are completely different and results are beyond your imagination.

Have you heard about the Butterfly Effect? How can the flap of a butterfly’s wings cause a storm on the other side of the world? Through Precision and Alignment. When you make the perfect move at the perfect time, you invoke an inevitable sequence of events — this is the quality of impeccability.

Impeccability is not about morality as preached in religion. It’s divine alignment. It may appear absolutely immoral and unorthodox. Yet, it’s in complete alignment with those forces that are beyond the idiocy of the human mind and belief, beyond religious doctrines and spiritual systems.

It’s an absolute attunement with the present moment in which you are fully aware of the precise action that needs to be made.

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Compulsive doing, which arises from the insecurity of forcing life to meet our needs, changes to precise action, which comes from deep trust and presence. You become completely aware how your compulsions interfere with the natural unfolding of the process. In that awareness you learn to hold back and act precisely as required.

Avoidance and Escapism

This is a good place to point out that most spirituality is heavily based in avoidance and escapism. Many teachings tell us to disconnect from the world and they become a crutch to avoid doing things and having a rich, fulfilling life. Where does this come from? Wanting the easy way out. But going about it the wrong way.

When spirituality becomes separated from the material life, it becomes easy to avoid and escape the challenges that come with it. That’s why the avoidant spiritual practices appeal to so many people. The idea of not having to pay bills is perhaps the best selling point of any spiritual method which tells you to “give it all up because it’s all toxic”.

“Capitalism is the poison destroying the world.”
No, it’s humans. It’s always been humans. Whatever system you come up with, or even if you destroy all systems, humans continue with their insanity. We love to put the blame on anything we can point to, and then go destroy it. Perhaps as a species we will never wake up from that delusion. We may never learn to accept that we are the problem. Without it being through toxic shame and guilt that compels and obliges us to fuck up the world further.

When spirituality becomes separate from the world as it is, that is no longer spirituality. It’s avoidance. It’s escapism. It’s coping with the pain of the world in a toxic way with illusions. Yes, spiritual beliefs can be illusions. Even if they sound profound and ring true. The mind can warp them into an illusion that becomes a coping mechanism.

Compulsions, obligations, and even discipline is based on avoidance and escapism. We are coping with unmet needs and unfulfilled desires in the ways that we have been taught — even if those ways are absolutely ridiculous.

We force ourselves to do things that our soul vehemently protests — until we ignore those screams and sentence our soul to silent suffering. We think we are winning the game by disciplining ourselves and becoming materially successful, only to later find out that those deep insecurities and pains are worse than ever.

How do we ever heal!? Is it even possible?
A lot of people believe there is no real healing from past wounds nor any way to find relief from the pain of the world. These kinds of myths plague our minds and compel us to continue suffering. Even though our soul continues to whisper the secret codes that will relieve and redeem us, we literally feel compelled to stay stuck and incapable to act on them.

Graceful exit

Why don’t we allow ourselves to live in grace? Notice I am not asking you to believe in grace, neither am I saying it’s some off-chance event that may happen once in our lives. No. Grace is an ever-present reality. It is a state we can live in and experience constantly. We can have grace in our work, relationships, and every aspect of our personal lives.

This softening into grace requires us to exit our hardened shells of compulsion, obligation, discipline, and suffering. It sounds nice to live a life of inspiration, passion, effortlessness, and ease. But getting there has a high price, one most can’t afford — your addiction to suffering. Oof, I said it. Yes. It’s painful to read that, but it is wholly real and true. If your life is not graceful, it’s because you are addicted to suffering.

And your suffering will only end when you decide it will. It will end when you do (and not do) what it takes to live in grace.

Even the thought of having an easy peaceful life is too scary for some people. I’ve heard loved ones say my life is something they would never want. They prefer to stay busy and hard working. I get it. The idea of not being busy is scary to a mind that keeps itself over-occupied to avoid feeling pain. By doing that, unconsciously it stays stuck in the reality of suffering.

You compulsively keep doing the very things that keep your worst nightmare going. And you even refuse those who can help you to get what you deeply desire.

Until you decide you have suffered enough.
That single decision changes everything.

There is no such thing as rock bottom.
It’s just a decision that you have had enough.
You can create your rock bottom at any time.

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Today. Right now. Decide.
Get help. Enter grace.

A Note on Help

Help is important. Those who have gone through the journey can help point out the potholes and loops you keep stumbling into. Those sneaky tricks of the ego that keep you addicted to suffering.

They can give you shortcuts and tips to leap ahead.

It may seem like you can do it by yourself. There are a lot of idiots preaching that nonsense out there. Before you believe them, see if they have actually found what you are seeking. Get help from someone who actually has what you want.

“Oh but it’s too expensive.”
“Oh but I don’t have time.”
You have all the time and money to keep suffering.
Keep at it. Please don’t stop.
Your freedom, your peace, your life — none of that is as valuable.
Your suffering is worth way more. Keep investing in it.

If I were to tell you that finding grace will make your life more abundant, that you would thrive more than ever, that you would go from your higher self to your highest self, that you would go from living a good/great/best life, to living your ultimate life beyond your imagination… you would think that it would be a no-brainer. Of course you would invest in it.

But you would be wrong to think that. As I said, your unconscious values your suffering way more. Consciously you would think that you would do it. You would plan for it. You will get a coach next year. You will start doing more yoga, eat better, and just become a better human being overall.

A year later, you will be no different than you are today. Life may look a bit different, but underneath everything will be the same – compulsion, obligation, discipline, and suffering will continue to dictate your reality.

I was there long enough to know exactly how this goes. I write this not for you, o Lordess of procrastinators who refuses help. I write this for the romantic who will never give up hope and will do (and not do) what it takes to free yourself from the prison of suffering and exit into…

The World of Grace

What awaits the one who goes through the painful process of shedding their shell of pain? Some more pain. Eeesh. Grace is painful when you realize how easy life is. And those are the last few bits of suffering you will experience as you enter a reality that is harmonious, magical, and effortless. On every front.

Life can remain exactly the same on the surface. What changes is the way you move through it. The way you experience it. The way you interact and respond to circumstances. And what changes the most is the way the world responds to you. This is the most shocking aspect. The world that seemed cruel and oppressive becomes soft and loving. The universe goes from punishing to providing you with everything you need.

Nature shows us that without unnatural human interference, everything keeps falling in place effortlessly. Nature is designed precisely to keep going. It guides the predator to the prey when it’s time to eat.

How can life be so easy? Alignment. Everything in nature happens through alignment.

You can get there too. Once you shed your shell you go through micro and nano shifts in your inner state as you become impeccably tuned to the rhythms of nature and the universe. You begin to hear the music of the spheres. There is no longer mindless consumption. Everything you eat becomes the fuel for creation — whether a piece of chocolate or content such as this.

The world of chaos begins to reveal a beautiful symphonic order.
Where we attempted to force form through linear logic,
grand structures self-actualize through non-linear magic.

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Our logical mind and imagination is only capable of creating what we believe to be possible. To create the impossible, we must go beyond our logical minds, our limits, our possibilities. This is the magical mind of the soul which lives in the realm of infinity. That replaces mental plans and calculations with harmonic grace to actualize the limitless potential of the universe.

This is the world of grace. Which is only accessed through a Superconscious state of experiencing the Unknowable. Where your primary role is simply to witness the universe assemble itself through divine grace. Where your personal desires merge with the highest will, and your mundane becomes extraordinary.

Are you ready to Divinize Your Reality?
Are you ready to Become Superconscious?

This is your invitation to go from escapism to embracism.
Swap your compulsions for passion,
your obligations for inspiration,
your discipline for alignment,
your suffering for grace.

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