Divines Humanize | Humans Divinize

Melt Into The Magic Of The Middle — Enter The Superconscious.

Most people who experience a kundalini awakening feel the energy going from the root of their spine up towards the crown and outward. This is a human experiencing a kundalini awakening.

My experience was quite different. I had a kundalini descent. I was coming from the divine realm into the human. I was a god, a divine being, a spirit, a soul, whatever you may call it — I was that becoming a human. My incarnation took over 8 years.

In the beginning it took several years to even figure out what was happening. I was confused because most people talk about awakening and ascent. I couldn’t find anything about the descent.

Then came the shame. Just like the LGBTQ community is shamed for being who they are, for being different from what culture accepts, I too was shamed for being a divine. I felt outcast my whole life for standing out. It was only in recent years that I started celebrating being outstanding.

Not only was there shame, there is also tremendous guilt for having divine power, luck, and privilege. Your very existence and being hurts people because it provokes the shadow and erodes the ego. All the illusions begin to shatter in the presence of a divine. Prior to realizing and integrating this power, you tend to take on all the shame and guilt projected onto you.

Isn’t it funny how standing out and outstanding can have such different connotations and results? Historically, standing out has been a threat to survival. The stand outs were outcast or even killed because they attracted too much attention. And if you look up the definition of outstanding today:

excellent, marvelous, magnificent, superb…

What a difference it creates when someone is acknowledged for their talents and raised as outstanding, while another is shunned and forced into the mold for standing out.

Identity confusion is what most people experience and suffer from today. Divines have been hypnotized to believe they are humans. And this is the root of suffering for many people. Humans on the other hand are yearning for the divine in futile ways, looking outward for that which is within.

My intention is to bring clarity to your true identity and clear the way for direct realization of your divine nature while helping you fully incarnate into your humanity and celebrate the joy of existence and being.

The Magic In The Middle

The way I experienced the journey was a full circle — I descended fully into the human experience, and then ascended again to my divine identity. The way I see it, every being, every soul is having the same experience at different levels. This is why the title of the post is:

Divines Humanize | Humans Divinize

The key is to meet in the middle. That’s where all the magic is happening. I am a human god. Not a god of humans, just a human god. My own god. The god of my human. This is what each of us is when we remember and awaken to our true nature.

While on earth, whether human or divine, we get confused and fall into myriad traps along the way. And so I have realized my purpose is teaching divines and humans to center into the middle which I call the Superconscious experience.

As I have fully embraced my divinity over the last few years, fully centered myself in the identity of a god incarnate — a divine human — I realize the struggles and challenges I faced are experienced by other divines as well.

And guess what? Before realizing my divine identity, I was fully human and faced all those struggles too. My gift today is helping people experience the union of the divine human.


Humans have a very distorted view of purpose. Purpose is attributed. It is not inherent. Seeking for an inherent purpose is a futile act that is doomed to produce suffering.

Purpose being attributed, can be chosen.

While my gift is to help divines humanize and humans divinize, my purpose is to spread the deepest joy available — the joy of living and the joy of being. This comes naturally in the middle reality.

The middle reality is what I call the Superconscious experience — a state of peace, bliss, and joy — a state of harmony in the divine human.

Divinely Human, Humanly Divine

This is the central focus of our work and content going forward.

Helping divines humanize their reality.
Helping humans divinize their reality.
Spreading the joy of living and being.
Manifesting the Superconscious.

There is no such thing as light and dark in the Superconscious. No such thing as human and divine. The separation ends. The Superconscious is neither light nor dark, neither human nor divine — it is both and neither. It is absolute and nothing.

This is what The Infinite Zero represents.
The reality where the paradox collapses.
Where nonsense is logical.
Where the irrational becomes magical.
The perfectly imperfect reality.

It took me years to master this state, to fully embody it. To cherish, honor, and love it. To love it so much that now I want to share it, spread it.

It has been a pleasure to teach this to 100s of people over the last years in bits and pieces. Now it is a full-bodied ecstatic joy to bring all the teachings together and present them to the people who are ready to become divinely human and humanly divine.

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