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🪷 From Our Thought Garden 🪷
Healthy interactions with other humans
is the medicine for social wounds

We've published quite a lot since our last newsletter. We have several posts and a workshop in the realm of decision-making and choices, plus a post introducing what we call The Spiritual Hamster Wheel OR The Self-Help Hamster Wheel. 


Our next interactive online workshop titled "The Egg: Decision-making and Consciousness Development" is coming up on Saturday, find the link below to participate. Come explore yourself and learn something about unconscious patterns, decision-making, and consciousness.

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💧 From The Idea Pond 💧

A fake teacher will tell you what you want & like to hear
A real teacher will tell you what you need to hear,
even if you don’t like it

A real teacher doesn’t have to be liked by you
They have to teach you.. even the things you don’t like
Especially the things you don’t like

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