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» Unify Power & Compassion «
« Amplify Your Impact & Self-Love »

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We have organized an online meetup this Saturday on the 11th of March, where we will be talking about Consciousness Development through the lens of Empowerment, which will also serve as a free preview to our upcoming course on Empowering Yourself & Others.


The primary theme of the meetup and our course is to  help you Unify within Yourself the forces of Power & Compassion to Amplify Your Impact & Self-Love. While these are seen as exclusive or contradictory by cultural norms, our experience tells us that combining the two is the most effective way to create a harmonious and productive life and world.


We will transform the way we see both Power & Compassion, to differentiate them from disempowering attitudes such as aggression, authoritarianism, and pity; and learn to embody evolved versions of both Power & Compassion that complement each other.

The Difference Between
Life-changing & You-changing

In our latest blog post we talk about the difference between Life-changing methods & You-changing methods. While life-changing self-help methods can be useful in many ways, they tend to change some aspects of our life and they are often limited to particular situations, scenarios, and will change superficial circumstances.


You-changing methods, or in other words, methods that help you change your Self, go deep to the roots of our being and bring healing and transformation in every aspect of our lives. Learn more about the difference between these two approaches in the blog post.

🪷 From Our Thought Garden 🪷
You cannot please someone
who is addicted to disappointment
Not even yourself
En-joy you find healing
In healing you find joy

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Videos Galore

Over the last month we have published many videos — long, medium and #shorts. We published a free preview for our course which is a 4-part series of videos, we made several clips and shorts from these videos as well, all of which you will find on our YouTube channel through the links below.


Our 4-part series:

  1. Power & Compassion Unite In Self-Love
  2. Sacrificing The Illusion To Live In Reality
  3. The Power of Accepting Imperfection & Inadequacy
  4. Escapism as a Survival Mechanism & Emotional Healing

You can also watch the series or the shorter clips in these playlists on YouTube:

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