The Infinite Zero Experience
The Infinite Zero Experience

Consciousness Development, Philosophy, Training, Methods

In this video I share how my journey brought about the creation of the online school of Consciousness called The Infinite Zero Experience, and how my experience shaped the philosophy, methods, and Consciousness Development trainings I offer.

I also discuss about contentment and addiction, and the difference between healing + transformation vs coping + management.

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Doing what you have been doing has got you where you are
But it won't take you where you want to go next
The next level doesn't demand more, it demands different
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Emerging From The Cave: From Losing My Self To Becoming Infinite
Emerging From The Cave: From Losing My Self To Becoming Infinite
Over the last 8 years I have been on a journey that has not just changed my life, it has changed me.
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Psychological Survival Mechanisms
Psychological Survival Mechanisms
People understand, respect, and value their instinctual survival mechanisms, but too often we tend to ignore, numb, repress, and avoid our psychological survival mechanisms. We cover the most common mechanisms in these multi-part blog posts, and also explore ways to work with them and heal the underlying causes.
Psych Survival 101: The 3 D's
Denial, Depression, Dissociation
Psych Survival 102: PARARA
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