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The Infinite Mindset: Joy & Hopelessness | Ti0x #6

Following-up from our latest article about “Finding Joy in a Hopeless World”, our vodcast episode goes deeper into cultivating the Infinite Mindset, and how we can expand our definition of “Joy” to change our attitude in a “hopeless world”.


@Lena commented on the blog post “Finding Joy in a Hopeless World”:

A great article, if people make it through the entire read. In today's world, you’ll lose most people in the first minute, if not sooner. Your thinking is worth the time, but I worry people who need to read it won’t make it to the end. Which proves your point but only to me who read it through. Great thinking! 🙏

Featured Discussion: Guilty “Pleasure”

Here is something to ponder and discuss:

If you take the guilt out of the guilty pleasure, does the pleasure still remain?
Or was it just guilt you were enjoying all along?

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