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I have started sharing exclusive content on LinkedIn. To get regular updates that are shorter compared to my generally lengthy blog posts and podcast episodes, you can follow me on LinkedIn as I will not be sharing that content elsewhere.


On another note, I have created opportunities for you to Pick My Brain on a free 30-minute call about anything. If you are inspired to connect and have an interesting, powerful conversation that will awaken inspiration and passion, schedule a time on the PickMyBrain platform.


Today I am sharing my latest blog post and podcast episodes, as well as a couple of my favorite recent posts from LinkedIn. You can learn about the difference between falling in love and Rising in Love, having a partner vs being with a partner, normalizing your weirdness, transforming suffering, and more.


As always, I love to read your comments and feedback about the newsletter, blog posts, and podcast episodes. You can also leave your comments on the LinkedIn posts and share your own insights there.


— With love, Ti0

Favorite LinkedIn Posts

These posts come from a place of deep inspiration. You can view them even if you don't have a LinkedIn account / profile.

A Full-Spectrum Non-Linear Approach For Personal Growth
A Full-Spectrum Non-Linear Approach For Personal Growth
Approach personal growth, consciousness development, healing the past, and becoming the creator of your life journey, from all directions…
My favorite quote from the post:
Suffering is not based on circumstances. It is an attitude — towards circumstances, people, and life in general.
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PS: I recently started a new facilitated consciousness development group based on this full-spectrum approach. If you want to learn more about it, reply to this email or schedule a call.

Building The Foundation For A Radical Life
Building The Foundation For A Radical Life
Ruta shares with Ti0 about her latest life transition and we discuss the foundational work that enables the opportunities and ability to say Yes to a radical life full of joy, inspiration, and passion...
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Possessiveness & Ownership in Relationships
Possessiveness & Ownership in Relationships
Take 2 hours of your precious time to learn about the shift from falling in love to Rising in Love, the difference between having a partner and being with a partner, completing each other vs meeting each other as complete individuals.
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Before you go, consider gifting yourself with deeper insight, clarity, wisdom, power, & compassion. My intention is to amplify my impact by helping you amplify the quality and depth of your impact. I offer personalized trainings to help you go to the next level of consciousness wherever you are on your journey. I work with leaders,  professionals, advanced practitioners, from all backgrounds and levels. I help you have breakthroughs and shifts towards greater levels of impact, for yourself and others. And naturally increase your levels of peace, harmony, & fulfilment.


Get started with an introduction to deep-work with our “Empowering Yourself & Others Training“, and when you are ready to leap to the next level, explore “Amplify Your Impact” and “Study of Self“. The best way to get started is to set up a 30-minute Pick My Brain session with me so we can explore the best way to move forward. I am glad to connect if only to point you in the best direction for your next phase.


— Ti0

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