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Today I have written an extensive blog post that gives insight into my life and the key experiences that have made me who I am today. This is perhaps the most vulnerable share I have ever done publicly, and I am excited as I send this out to you and the world.


I love to model what I teach. This is the best way I can show you that it is ok to be vulnerable, it is not just ok, it feels great! I hope this gives you the inspiration and encouragement to take one more vulnerable step on your own path.


Please share your thoughts, feelings, and any feedback you have after reading this post.


— Love, Ti0


PS: There are two invitations to free events included below, be sure to check them out as they are powerful opportunities.

Key Experiences That Shaped Me Into A Powerful & Loving Coach & Human
Key Experiences That Shaped Me Into A Powerful & Loving Coach & Human
This post is a glimpse into key experiences of my life for those who want to know me better. Come on a journey where I go from being an asshole and a people-pleaser, living a life of obligation, compulsion, and apathy, to a life filled with inspiration, joy, enthusiasm, power and love. Read for inspiration of a radical transformation anyone can experience when they choose to create an uncompromising commitment to be themselves.
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Breakthrough: Activate Your Next Level of Genius
Breakthrough: Activate Your Next Level of Genius
An opportunity to grow in key areas of your life including having more time and energy, creating a greater impact, improving your relationships, and enhancing your confidence, power, and joy...
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Finding Neo with Ruta & Ti0
Finding Neo with Ruta & Ti0
We will have another live stream this Tuesday. Last week was our first and there were some technical glitches. We apologize for anyone who tried to join from YouTube as that didn't work. The stream on LinkedIn was choppy too. We are doing it better this time and only going live on LinkedIn. The recording will be uploaded to my YouTube channel later in the week (subscribe below to get notified).
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