About Us

The Infinite Zero is an experiential school of consciousness developed around trademark methods such as Study of Self, Unschooling The Unconscious, The Yoga Beyond, and Consciousness Nomadism, and deeply inspired by The Fourth Way of Consciousness developed by Gurdjieff.

The Infinite Zero Experience is the boundless journey of exploring and developing yourself, living in the liminal space by intentionally creating harmony, balance, beauty, joy, and peace within and beyond, as we navigate the eternal mystery called Reality. Each journey is personalized based on the level of development and intention.

The Brainforest Project intends to preserve and restore the rainforest and develop spaces to host consciousness development experiences for individuals & groups. Our project page describes the vision and provides the latest updates about the ongoing development of “Sitio IO” in the Atlantic Rainforest near the town of Itacare in Bahia, Brasil. 

The vision and development of this space is being directed by Ti0 & guided by The Faceless Beings. We invite you to explore and learn more about us through the following links.