About Us

The Infinite Zero Experience is a virtual school of consciousness developed around proprietary methods such as Study of Self, Unschooling The Unconscious, The Yoga Beyond, and Consciousness Nomadism. This school is also inspired by The Fourth Way of Consciousness developed by Gurdjieff.

The vision and development of this space is being directed by Ti0 & guided by The Faceless Beings. We invite you to explore and learn more about us through the following links.

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Gift Yourself With Insight & Empowerment

Rather than give you a “free gift for signing up”, such as a pointless 10-point ebook full of drivel, or a podcast episode that is already freely available, we prefer to encourage you to gift yourself with something of real value. 

Our content and courses are packed with insight, tools, and guidance to help you explore the depths of Reality and evolve through the endless levels of Consciousness. This may seem like a tall promise — rather than believe us, come try it out for yourself. And if you are disappointed, we will help you transform that too…

An Ideal Experience When You Are Ready For Adventure
An Ideal Experience When You Are Ready For Adventure