The vision and development of this space is being directed by Ti0 & No1.

Ti0 is the individual representing the space in this world. No1 refers to a multidimensional collective called The Realm of Faceless Beings that are associated with this center in mystical ways.

As an individual I have chosen to label my profession as Experience Jockey. I also teach a lifestyle and experiential philosophy called Comadism | Consciousness Nomadism. I have a professional background in software development, information security, distributed systems architecture and various other software and tech-related fields.

I am also an experiential researcher and teacher in the exploration and development of consciousness. My research has included working with sacred plants and  technology, as well as dedicating my life to be a full-time witness, subject, and student of the mysteries of consciousness.

I integrate my diverse background and bring this totality of experience to my work as a teacher and experience facilitator when working with people who wish to explore and develop their consciousness with the drive to becoming free and inter-dependent individuals in a healthy connected world.

Other labels I choose to describe myself:
Psyber Sadhu — Nature Lover — Psychedelician

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After the birth of the body I presently inhabit, the name Rohan was bestowed upon me, along with an entire personality which was a collection of beliefs and expectations based in local and global culture. I have been on a journey of deconstructing this personality which had formed a protective shell over my essential self through a radical, long, exhausting, and rejuvenating process of transformation.

The discovery of this authentic nature or essential self came about through mystical experiences with psychedelic entheogens which revealed a pure void state of consciousness underneath the layers of my previous character. Transitioning from being defined by others, I chose to characterize my persona as The Infinite Zero, abbreviated as Ti0. This represents a consciousness that lives in the balance between infinity and nothingness.

I am passionate about being an EJ or Experience Jockey. This describes my love for creating dynamic interactive personalized experiences for beings to explore and develop consciousness while learning from themselves. The intention is to encourage growth at a personal and universal level, as well to liberate and actualize the potential of consciousness within each being that chooses to participate.

I have been working in software development and technology since 2007. I specialized in Information Security, which helped me to further develop the inherent “hacker mindset” — a perspective that cuts through appearances and sees what goes on behind the scenes. Bringing this perspective to my explorations of consciousness helped me to deconstruct, analyze, “debug”, and integrate the complex facets of my own consciousness. My past in the cyber realm helped me to develop the approach to find the most effective and optimal way to navigate through the endless realms of multiverses.

It has been my dream over the last few years to integrate my background in software, technology, and security, with my experiences in consciousness. The realization of this experiential center is the fruit of my past and ongoing personal explorations which helped me develop a diverse perspective on the intricate and extricate workings of “reality”.

Having been brought up in a deeply religious and spiritual cultural environment in India – doctrines, rituals, and beliefs are something that never appealed to me nor ever worked for me. My focus is on direct personal experience rather than belief systems.

Having gone through struggles that are increasingly common in the world today such as drug and substance addictions, personality disorders, anxiety, paranoia, depression, and suicidal behavior, I gained a profound experiential understanding of consciousness and developed various techniques that could potentially help others to face and transform these issues with their own resources rather than depending on others. This journey helped me discover my essence, unblock my creativity, and access resources to deal with situations dynamically by finding intuitive solutions.

My intention is to guide beings to reach this state through their own experiences so they can transform perceptions, behaviors, and patterns that they find limiting, and move into states of being that are more favorable for their consciousness and authentic passion.

I am by no means an expert on this topic. I am not a master, guru, healer, shaman, doctor, scientist, or any other label that glorifies or limits my potential. I believe that people heal and learn spontaneously through their own will in precisely the moment they are ready for it. 

Rather than pretending to be an “answering machine that knows everything about everything”, I prefer to help people by teaching techniques whereby they can find their own answers. I feel it is much more beneficial for people to go deeper into their consciousness and use their own resources to overcome the unique challenges that life has designed for them. People who resonate with this style are welcome to participate in these experiential journeys. If you are one of the people who chooses to participate, this will help you to be more spontaneous and dynamic in everyday life. 

Unlike scientists and gurus, I do not offer “proof” or claim to have “right answers”. What I offer is a creative approach to navigate the eternal paradox.

I have been learning about and exploring modified states of consciousness, mindfulness, and multidimensionality. This was initiated primarily by experiences with the sacred plants known as Ayahuasca. After a deeply life-changing experience, I decided to further explore consciousness with these plants.

For five years, I apprenticed as a facilitator where I learned the art of conducting ayahuasca retreats and ceremonies. While doing this I got the opportunity to learn through communication, observation, and experience, about the various dynamics of working with individuals and groups. I deeply explored the intricacies and mechanics of my own psyche, and simultaneously kept learning about the collective human psyche and group dynamics. 

Apart from this, I have also been learning different techniques for consciousness exploration and development. I have experimented with modern technology such as mind machines, light and sound devices, resonance inducers, bio-feedback devices, frequency tuning and modulation devices, which have helped me greatly and opened up possibilities that were previously unimaginable.

The development of Twixy is my way of bringing together and sharing everything I have learned and will continue learning about the infinite realms of self and beyond…

You will see the pronouns I and We used interchangeably throughout this website. The reason is that the project is founded by one “body”, though there are many beings who have been and will be involved in the team. 

In the physical realm, I refers to Ti0, the founder of this center, and we refers to the team driving this project. We includes everyone who has joined and will join the team to support and develop this center, in whichever time and timeline, realm and reality. 

On the mystical side, we have the realm of faceless beings… a multidimensional collective that goes beyond identity and appearances… This collective operates within and beyond the boundaries of the self.  

Participating in this collective happens by making a commitment to the development of multidimensional consciousness, to go beyond personality, identity, and the world of appearances. This realm exists in between worlds and the beings present themselves based on requirement, purpose, or desires for experiences.

The ideology of The Infinite Zero Experience Center belongs to this realm.

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